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I am finally sick and tired of webbing getting in the way when getting in and out of vehicles and am going to invest either in chest rig or assault vest. has anyone got any recommendations of kit they have found good (importantly that makes job easier) and stuff to avoid.
Dont buy webtex or arktis.

COP vest is the most useful design.
And remember if going on Ops you should not be wearing privately bought kit,

have a look at a mate wearing all the gucci kit through an IR Scope and you will be impressed by the daylight stylee glow.

COP vests are now issued on Telic and other op theatres I believe.
The way forward is definitely a cop vest, chest rig is alright but too small load space.

Only thing I would want on my vest is a built in camelbak/platypus holder.
excuse ignorance by cop vest do we mean what are loosely marketed as battlevests? if so could someone please give makes/models that have worked for them when working as vehicle borne gun recce
I think there maybe a confusion over the term COP vest, to me a COP vest was a lightweight vest made of DPM cloth material with a shed load of pouches sewed on with para smock style poppit buttons for snag free and quick access, great for laying in holes but frankly quite shite for section attacks as stuff had a habit of falling out the pockets, also not much room for anything else but bullets and clacky bars. Very popular for those with cash going to NI of old, unfortunatly you gave of a silouette of man in a jacket with a frifle and oft confused for the 'ra

I have a nagging feeling that some on here are talking about various styles of "battle vest", loads of mesh and stuck on pouches that were frankly frowned upon in my day
Form experience I think you will find that even a COP vest is too large/cumbersome to wear in the turret and actually be able to move. The best solution is to stick with PLCE rig, it is by far the best for tabbing with. If you are after something to wear inside the turret make friends with someone in the Cav and try to get hold of one of their new CBA covers, they have enough pouches to hold 2 mags and all your modacs but are slim enough to wear inside the turret and have the advantage of holding your CBA at the same time. When you dismount you still need to carry your PLCE but it is the best compromise I have come across. Best of all it is issue kit and therefore you dont have to spend your hard earned pennies on it.
You're assuming he's AFV borne, if in a landy chest rig or assault vest will do. Arktis webbing and smocks are good, that's where there real skill ends I believe. Keep an eye on ebay, you sometimes get good unusual vests on their that lads have had made for them and they go quite cheap. I got a vest like that that suits me down to a T for about 20 quid off their. It's ideal.
I did a load of time as a recce offr in LR and 432 and I found that a chest rig and daysack was best, but only carry ammo and a water bladder/bottle in chest rig; daysack lives behind cupola or at side of you in LR. COP vest catches on the 432 cupola and fcuked me off. However, noting can beat PLCE - for 432, it takes ages to get in and out so 20 more seconds to take of PLCE isn't going to hurt. Also, it's free to replace if damaged (and you can source it on ops/ex should you damage or misplace it) and you can carry everything that you need so should your CO/BC say tab to my location, you can!

The problem with any of these chest kits is when you have to 'adopt the position'. Something perhaps you don't feel you will ever have to do. I can tell you, trying to change magazines in a chest rig whilst in the prone position in a ditch is a hell of an effort and puts your noggin at risk.
Just a thought......
The Spanish mountain artillery unit I trained with once have the right idea.

The BRO doesn't carry the kit. He sits in the vehicle until the conscripts have done the area clearance then he stolls around with a conscript carrying everything for him.

They have a similar idea on OP ridge. The conscripts set the shelter (well, I say shelter, more like a 4 man tent) and his camping chair in position, the Sgt checks it all, then the FOO can sit in comfort and direct fire as a gentleman should.

When I suggested this to my Ack, he didn't think he would be adopting it for our party.

Kind regards


PS COP type vest is fine in LR. I've struggled with somewhere to hide my S10 though. Advantage of the COP vest is that all the kit I used to stuff down the front of my smock would now fit securely in the zipped compartments.
Not bad, but doesn't beat the Indonisian Survey team which has one person whos sole job is holding an umbrella over his officer
wellyhead said:
Not bad, but doesn't beat the Indonisian Survey team which has one person whos sole job is holding an umbrella over his officer
Since when has a gpo carried his own kit :cry:

well mine always did :lol:

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