recce? med? or signals?

after my basic training i have a choice of the either recce, med or signals? any advise on which would be better or any genral info?
More than likely you'll be limited to units in your area.
As RMLY you can't be a Recce soldier but you can train to be a tank crewman, there 's IIRC only one FR regiment in the TA (QOY).

You'll be trained as a signaller as part of being a crewman and you get to specialise later on but being a dedicated medic would mean joining the RAMC attached to the RMLY
You deploy in an entirely different role, so it makes little difference what you choose. Just go for whatever you think you'll enjoy playing at.
Which is better?
Medical if you want to be a medic
Signals if you want to be a signaller
Recce if you want to do recce
I'd personally do recce but I'm a warry rifleman.
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