RECCE jacket?

Does any one know what this jacket is used for?
Overall. similar shape to a SAS smock made from fine gaberdine. It has 19 pockets in total which are clearly shaped for specific reasons.On each side there is a magazine type pocket, a short wide pockets and a lower cargo pocket, which has a smaller pocket on the front. There are two vertical zipper pockets on the front and a long 45 degree degree pocket on each side lined with mesh and having a smaller mesh pocket inside. I first thought that these were ventilation slots but the liners are like pockets although they could do for ventilation slots if nothing was in the pockets.

There are vertical zip pockets at hip level on each side one of which contain a large dump pouch which folds out and is kept open by two press studs on the sides of the jacket.

At the back is an enormous total width pocket on the lower half containing a mesh "radio" pocket and a holding strap. Running up from this pocket, to the neck is a channel for a wire which can be continued in a channel around the neck to exit on either side of the head.

There is a strange gorget patch with velcro which goes across the top of the front zipper and can be configured in two different ways

The pockets have mesh bottoms like the Tantalus trials smocks.

The label is typical of a trials smock and will not make a clear photo. All I can read is the size 180/104, the NSN which is all zeroes and the maker's name which is MANTISS To cap it all, the sleeves are finished with leather cuffs which are original and not repairs]

Has anyone come across anything like this or has any idea on what it would be used for?
180/104? My size! Ill PM my address lol

It looks like it may have been developed for NI cop platoons, I know SASS kit produced a 'kit carry smock' amongst others say it may be a privately commisioned bit of kit.
I was issued one of the enhanced smocks that has the same mesh and the same material.

Not as many pockets and functions as your one though!

Seems like a trial/one off issue peice of kit.

Looking at all the pockets and compartments It would make an ideal fishing or rabbiting coat. Not my size or I would have made you a good offer for it!
If it's got a label stating 'Recce' it could be one of hte smocks designed for the CVR(T) crews. Never seen one, but know they had ne designed and tested, with lots fo little pockets and that.
Im guessing that it was a private commission - or prototype 'kit carry' smock.

CVRTs are cnuts for smocks. 3 years in the armoured role in CVRT scimitars and my old sas smock got caught on anything and everything and ended up in tatters - so fine garbadine wouldn't be 1st choice.

For the most part the four standard front pockets a FFD pouch and two map pockets supplimented by the 'brecon' pocket was more than enough for most of us - with more pockets than a fly fisherman you'd perhaps look like a bit of a tool in this smock.
Room for thousands of staples, pens and a fabloned biff chit
Must've been for Warrant Officers as it's WAY to complex for use by H'officers or enlisted men !

Even 'Them' would be flummoxed trying to remember what was in which pocket in a firefight :)
B,ut do you salute the wearer of said item :)?
I think you should as watchint them knock themselves out trying to salute back would be priceless !

I've heard of the phrase "two boys fighting under a blanket" used to describe lovely chesticles but for this jacket "a sea of seething masses bobbing about" might better describe the effect this smock would send out !
The "forget me not" smock.

Try finding/remembering which pocket something important like your zippo is in. Hard enough to do with a normal smock and a pair of trousers with a thigh pocket. :)
Its a ridiculously over-complicated, walts wet-dream. All its missing is loops for crossbow bolts.
I bet it stinks of beer, fags, failure and mums cooking.
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