Recall of US Advanced Combat Helmets

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bakerlite, May 18, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know where these helmets were in use or what was wrong with them?
  2. According to their website
    They don't seem to know anything about it.
  3. Has got to be something to do with ballistic testing...
  4. Not enough tin foil in the liner perhaps :D Just e-mailed a nephew in usmc , see if they have any scuttlebutt?
    That's big contract to be having "problems" with, so what do they wear in the meantime :?
  5. Strapping kept on breaking.
  6. Revmode, PASGTs I should imagine...
  7. There are several manufacturers supplying the US DOD.

    ArmorSource were one of the smallest suppliers. the largest is BAE Systems.
  8. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    The Marines wear a slightly different style of helmet to the Army, from the article it sounds like it was only the Army style of helmet that was defective.
  9. Happened before. In the mid 90's PASGT helmet were recalled because the manufacturer wasnt using kevlar strips layered but cuttings and was charging Uncle Sugar less. Turned out after a few months testing they were found to be stronger than specified and cheaper.

    In this case, the ACH models are to be destroyed and ALL NCO's have been ordered to personally check their Soldiers Helmets to ensure they dont have the bad lot.

    By the way if you ever have some US Gear made by Unicor, its made in Federal Prisons. They make Helmets, Vests, clothing, webbing, etc.
  10. So you had better pray that Johnny Istabbedmywifeandkids Inmate and his buddy Jesus Drugdealinggangbanger is a Patriot.
  11. Some Google:

    - recall of 44,000 represents 4% of ACH inventory. AmorSource is one of many contractors.

    - “There is evidence that ArmorSource and Rabintex ACHs were produced using unauthorized manufacturing practices, defective materials and improper quality procedures which could potentially reduce ballistic and fragmentation protection,”