Recall of Parliament

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Yes drag the pigs back to the trough

  2. No the Dear Leader is infallible

  1. If....

    ...we continue to lose lives in Afghanistan at the current rate...

    ...the Brown stonewalling on resources and strategy continues

    ...public unease regarding Iraq continues to grow...

    ...should Parliament be recalled?
  2. Have the lads out there started a new style of offensive? Is it part of the the plan? Is something going wrong that we are losing these casualties or is it the outcome of a 'big push'.

    What would be the reason for bringing parliament back, or is it being suggested out of spite?
  3. They are greedy overpaid cnuts who just tried to fleece us for millions with their expenses bollox, they should try working for a fcuking living...

    Good enough reason?
  4. Spite? Is that not what we saw yesterday from Lord Foulkes? (who, I do appreciate and and have been pointing out, is not a member of the present Government).
  5. Quite possibly Hackle, but is this a good enough reason to recall parliament with everything it entails?
  6. Why? What's it going to do about anything except claim expenses and whine? With the (Labour at least) whips regaining their power, as seen in the recent vote on McKinnon's extradition, they'll just vote the way the government say and fail to turn up to debates on things we think are important.

    Leave them on leave. That way we know everything on the range is a legit target :twisted:
  7. Spite, then.
  8. And your point is???
  9. The reason I posted this is as follows...

    After months and years of neglect and a "don't ask, you won't get" policy, General Dannatt brought the issue of resources for Afghanistan to the top of the political agenda in a very effective manner....a debt of loyalty he is undoubtedly acutely aware of.

    This reached a head over the last week or so, and by the weekend it appeared the government had accepted the principle of a "shopping list" as suggested by General Dannatt.

    General Dannatt appeared to withdraw from further public statements, presumaby to de-escalate the situation.

    Now - after Foulkes has stupidly and ineptly put the boot in, and Malloch-Brown has been leaned upon - it appears that Brown has reverted to his previous stonewalling position and the claim that resources in Afghanistan are adequate to the task.

    It is clear that Brown intends to kick this into the long grass until October. I think he will also use the excuse that "you had your debate on Afghanistan back in July" to avoid further accountability.

    I don't think the public and opposition will accept this reversal to the status quo. That is why I think there will be a clamour for a recall, if casualties continue.
  10. I think the fact that Britain is in a fcuking war would be a good reason, but hey, those politicians need their holidays, they have worked hard for them.
  11. I thought that [ex]service people were bigger than that.
  12. Mr PVRd

    I understand your reasoning but I honestly don't think that it is a valid reason. Faulkes is not a member of the government, not even an MP. If Dannatt is trying to take the heat of the situation this is not going to help.
  13. The war is not being controlled by parliament but by the government. And they are in place for most of the recess.
  14. So disingenuous, Sven.
  15. Well I for one think that 82 days recess is far too long, given that the economy is in tatters, and we are losing servicemen almost daily in what is now turning out to be a major conflict. I know the government has run out of ideas, but surely they dont need the best part of 3 months away from the office. I do hope that there is a recall of parliament, if not simply to show that they are the ones actually running the country.