Recall notice for Irish pork products

Recall notice for Irish pork products
watch Saturday, 6 December 2008 20:58

The Food Safety Authority has ordered the withdrawal and recall of all Irish pork products dating back to 1 September.

It follows the discovery of a contaminant in pig feed by a dioxin known as PCB at levels between 80 and 200 times the safe limits.

PCBs are highly dangerous man-made chemicals that were banned in 1979. They effect the immune and reproductive systems and can, in certain cases, cause cancers.

They can still be found in certain products made before the ban came into force.

The contamination first came to light last Monday, but the positive tests in the pork was only confirmed this afternoon.

The public have been advised to destroy all pork products
purchased since September.

Contaminated feed was used at a total of 47 farms.

Nine of these were pork producing farms. The remaining 38 were beef farms, with one of those also producing pork products.

But the FSA has advised that it is not necessary at this time to have a similar withdrawal of beef products.

The Taoiseach and Minister for Agriculture Brendan Smith, have attended crisis talks at the Department of Agriculture following the discovery of the toxic substance in slaughtered pigs.

The discovery has provoked concern in the farming community.

The pork industry is the fourth biggest in the agriculture sector and is worth around €400 million per year.

The movement of animals at some 30 farms has been restricted.

A major investigation has been launched by the Department of Agriculture and the Food Safety Authority.

Restrictions on pig production units

Minister of State for Food Policy Trevor Sargent said the Government had acted swiftly to deal with the situation.

Mr Sargent said the affected animal feed had been banned and the pig production units using it had been restricted.

He said he would be working with An Bord Bia to ensure that quality pigmeat products - including those organically certified - can be brought back into the market as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, Labour's spokesperson on agriculture and food Sean Sherlock, has called for a full account of the extent of the risk to human health.

Fine Gael's spokesperson on agriculture, Michael Creed described the discovery as potentially the biggest threat to the agri-food sector since the outbreak Foot & Mouth disease.

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petergriffen said:
Meanwhile, Labour's spokesperson on agriculture and food Sean Sherlock, has called for a full account of the extent of the risk to human health.

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No shi.t Sherlock??

Bit late innit...

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Good job I buy all my meat from a traceable butcheres here in the North.But they dont think the contaminated meat's made it up here.
tired_chimp said:
i wonder how many fenian butchers will now be shunning their perceived irishness in favour of being providers of british pork.
I was thinking along the same lines, (must be a chimp thing) :D I am popping down to Tesco's later to see if I can catch the little feckers clearing Pork off the shelves that are marked British Pork....
you'l probably find that a bunch of exPIRA are running the Irish pig feed industry
Weluvtheraf said:
I cant see why they cant give the dodgy sausages to the crabs?
There you go again, why have you not been given your Oxygen Theif tag yet???

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Weluvtheraf said:
I cant see why they cant give the dodgy sausages to the crabs?
Give it a rest. You've gone past the point of being boring and are now merely tedious and irritating. Continue in the same vein and I'll just delete your posts/tag you/delete you altogether.
9 outlets in the North have been identified

and all the meat came from traceable sources

I bet the Jewish lads are breaking their kosher holes laughing at us
Not surprised,
The British sausage has always been tastier than the smaller Irish version, so my misses says...
Between Irish pork and British beef, we may as well all go veggie. In real terms all this means is that the Danes will increase their imports and quite literally bring home the bacon.
Now looking likely that Northern Irish farmed and processed pork has not been tainted. The benefits of having full traceability with the farm quality assurance scheme here. Damage to the pork industry here may already be done though. Pork Linky
Just a point about the Irish vs British pork thing.

Pork from Ireland can well be marked up as British pork, or produced in the EU, so thats no safer until it can be shown that its not Irish, which it probably cant,
So that will have to be binned too.
Pork scratching anyone? No? They can't possibly be more unhealthy than they already are, PCBs are nowt compared to the LD100 sodium level.
Just think, if Irish pork products had been recalled in 1962 you wouldn't have your very own dear Scrof now!!!! The horror!!! But seriously, it wasn't the pigs themselves nurturing some deadly disease like BCJ or whatever, just a little too much shoit tipped into their food. When are those who can going to legislate against tipping any shoit at all into animal food? I know a little bit about this having taught vets who use pigs for experiments. Cop this just for fun. Danish bacon has a very good rep. and Denmark has high standards when it comes to production and tons of strict legislation. Most pigfarms in Slovakia, where things are a whole lot more lax, are owned by Danish companies. The law has it that they need to employ vets as advisers. "Er, you shouldn't be feeding that crap to the piggie wiggies". "Thanks for the advice, and don't come into work tomorrow, your P45 is on it's way"....which continues until they get the right kind of adviser. The pigs are sent live to Denmark, where they are slaughtered,processed and labelled as "Danish", totally legal according to EU law, and the consumer believes they are chomping on a high quality, chemical and hormone free product. Lovely.
ohh its about sausages, I thought it was something to do with shinners birth control, or impotance or something,

goes away muttering abouth being a mong.....
Ireland exports around 42% of its pork/bacon to the UK.

The story is 1 pig meal producer used a contaminated oil to help try the food. They provided the meal to around 20 farms in the Republic & Northern Ireland. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland set a cut off that any pork produced (killed) after 1 September 2008 (and that included a margin for error) was potentially unsafe and pork/bacon was taken out of circular within hours.

The British authorities have been unable to say if/where any Irish products are!

There is now a police (as use of PCBs is illegal) and Environmental Protection Agency investigations ongoing.

To highlight the importance of this:

- yesterday there was only 1 other story on the main evening news (the other was the shooting dead of man in his 50s chasing kids who were egging his house)

- so far 6,000 people have been either put on protective notice or been laid off

- it is costing the Irish economy around €100 million (around UK£87 million) a day!

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