Rec Mech Training, Job and Life Style

Hey all
I'm joining up as a Recovery Mechanic, off to phase 1 in a couple of months and i'm looking for an insight into what to expect from training bot phase 1 and 2, What the job is actually going to be like and what life as a rec mech is like.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Well if you can down a pint with a freshly laid turd in the same glass , or play a good old game called freckles you will fit in well to the gutter life of a recy mech of old!
If you can duck dive in a pit full of shit and shreds of blueroll yet still come up laughing, then crack on.
Keep your personal appearance up to scratch at all times and compete with the R Signals linemen:
How absolutely unrealistic of life as a reccy mech, how often do you see them in two dress?

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