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What makes you think anyone in here is going to help you with your research.
Maybe you should have asked nicely.

Hi everyone I'm after to some pointers on where to find information on the Rapidly Emplaced Bridging System for a project I am working on. Or if anyone has any hands on experience and could PM me so we could discuss it. I have googled it and spoke to BEW but I still need some pointers.
Your help would be appreciated.
HI anyone with experiance with REBS would be greatly appreciated.

It could benefit one and all (who use it). come up with a solution to fix the shearing of the Pinion drive bolts on recovery. How ever as I'm not RE I don't have hands on and i'd hate for a MOD to come out that is "****". Currently working with Some helpful people at DE&S how ever they do not use it, you lot do.

Yes this is a project for a course, how ever this oucld help make REBS work.

I've googled it, I've got AESP's on it. even been to Minley to have chat with training team.

What i've not got is 1st hand operator knowledge. (I know there won't be much yet)

Is that better?

If not well i tried.

Cheers yours faithfully,

I smell Tiffy project here.
Yep it is Billy. But want it to be some thing of use, i beleave REBS has a few faults. We got our idea and it will complete our required stuff. However rather then just be a project, we would like it to be some thing useful and pratical rather then just a "tiffy project"
a TIFFY in the RE forum, noooooo be off with you.
sorry can't help pal. :)
Definite lack of social skills being exhibited in here.

Oi someone lend me a fiver. (Ya basteds).
I know there is no helping me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I don't think there is much knoledge out in the world about rebs either.!!!!!moahahahahahahahahah
Try General Dynamics European Land Systems in Germany, they make and market it.
You might even get a freeby visit
Nah spoke with DE&S they are as much use as tits on a fish.

Then they will charge army megga bucks for the pleasure of a f%ck off tablet.

but cheers
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