Rebros comms gods or complex rejects?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by tazmanian_clogdancer, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. Was at junior corps legen d***o's birthday bash comparing waistlines and inflating earnings when talk turned to who did what when. I thought being on a rebro meant you were a chosen man of your trade,trusted to drive past the schnelly wagon,never sneak off for a drink/shower/call home.

    Could be expected to stay awake for at least 2 thirds of radio stag and never NEVER woke your oppo whilst bashing one out over her (it was never proved)him (if he was in the football team). And just as the pinnacle for many was 264 or 216 the real rebro man wanted to get sent to JCUFI where they could hone their DIY skills and come back just before there 22 and create the ultimate rebro wnak palace!

    Turns out we were just to ugly for the complex and why do you think the lineys were only allowed out at night?

    Anyhow is this true and does the Corps still use rebro's or is bowman to clever for that?
  2. I don't know but basic literacy skills have been introduced.
  3. You stepped out of your mensa meeting for that reply?

  4. Sorry fella, wasn't meaning to be a dick but your post is a little hard on the eyes.

    Deciphering it made me sympathise with dyslexics and I can't stand the thick cunts.
  5. no probs sapz,
    there's a new feature on ie8 just next to the spell checker (which I never use) called personality checker it has a cross in a red box click that and all your problems are over.

    If you have problems ask your carer.
  6. Awesome taz, a web browser put down. Do you have any good frequency gags? Maybe some interesting collapsible mast dits?
  7. I don't know about the "chosen man" bit. I do think that rebros was the better job option for a rad-op in a Div/Brigade sigs unit. Just do your job and square your own admin away, without having to do the admin/sh1t-tasks for staff officers and ORs. You where also not under the eye of the corps' various WOs. Div/Bde HQ could be a depressing place to work.
  8. He mite nut, bit I doois,I teached btwos gigs wonce. It all ended with broken stuff.
  9. I can see a trade war erupting at any moment.
  10. I wouldn't class them as having a trade...
  11. You wander into the sigs forum and want all our exciting anecdotes at once :eek: well you will just have to wait, and sorry it took me so long to reply but i clicked on your cunning signature link and well you know what truly are an internet genius I cannot stephen hawkins...suddenly it all made sense
  12. Who, rad-ops, why not?
  13. Yeah sorry about that I didn't notice I was in the Jimmysphere when I first posted.

    I do wonder how many people have tried that link. You're only the second to own up. :D
  14. Make that 3 then. I clicked it after Taz commented on it. Why did you waste your time making it?
  15. You give him far too much credit hehe :)