Rebranching from RAF to Army

Ok, im currently in the RAF Regiment at the moment but i want to rebranch as a CMT at some point. Does anyone know how the process works? I asked the careers office but they wouldnt tell me anything other than to talk to my chain of command and get permision first. Now the majority of my command is currently out in Afghan and im on a long course anyway.

So does anyone know or has anyone rebranched who can tell me what happens, on the assumption that the chain of command are good to let me go. I imagine i still have to go through 12 weeks army basics, but what happens if you should fail at anypoint, are you returned to the RAF or just dropped completely.

On another side note i havent served past my minimum 3 years yet, and again the careers office wouldnt tell me whether the 3 years is to the forces in general or just the RAF. For the purposes of the above though, say i had done my 3 years already. Just after some gen is all. cheers
As the AFCO told you this is an internel transfer and can only be dealt with through your chain of command and RCMO equivalent. theres nothing else you can do without talking to your line manager first and then being allowed to leave, just be aware aswell that even after that then there has to be places to come in and we are extremely full at the moment and you may find out from the SPSO for RAMC that they are full
i wouldn't have thought u would have to do 12 weeks army basic as im sure ur basic probably covers it. ul probably just do ur phase 2 stuff and trade training. theres a tri-service open day thing that happens in aldershot (i think) that ur admin office should be able to give u more details on, that deals with just ur kind of problem. best advice would be to go along to that and see what happens. ul get more help at your admin office than with a careers office.
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