Reborn Regulars, TA all the way?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Ex Reg, now TA

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  2. TA all the way.

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  3. TA now, will join the Regs one day.

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  1. This post by Alpha Five in the save Chibber thread made me think:

    What percentage of TA bods are ex Regs, or how many intend to join the Regs after a spell in the TA? Or how many Regs would consider joining the TA?
  2. Can't add much to what I said to Chibber. Not sure that I wasn't wasting my time discussing it with him though, he seems to be uninterested in listening to what other, lesser mortals have to say.
  3. I would consider joining the TA, all the conditions are right for me.

    Niche Trade with HQ close to my home town.
  4. I might consider it. My 22 is up next month and I am thinking about it. The only thing putting me off is more tours, and I know that TA members don't have to go on Op tours if they don't want, but I get the feeling that within the TA there is a them and us thing between those terriers that choose to deploy and those that don't. Am I correct in my assumptions? Any serving terriers wish to confirm/deny?
  5. The them and us attitude did occur early on but once people began taking a more mature view of things it declined. Some can't mobilise for varying reasons but can still contribute markedly to the Unit.
  6. msr

    msr LE


    I would imagine you have already done your fair share of tours in the last 22 years and as RWAC rightly points out, going on tour is no longer a willy waving exercise.

    Your skills and experience would be highly valued by your local unit.

  7. From my experience in my old unit and certainly others I came into contact with I would say that the average TA unit has around 15% ex regs (of course many units will have far more depending on their role). One such person was an ex PSI who did his 22 and then joined, currently a Tp Ssgt. Most bring their knowledge and experience which is helpful in guiding the less experienced. I can't say that anyone would be perturbed if they chose not to go on tour, especially as they would have done more than their fair share. However due to an ex regular background with experience and knowledge, rapid promotion is the norm and therefore most would find themselves in a position of responsibility where it would become difficult to say "I think I will sit this one out".
  8. I joined the T.A when i was 18 to get a taste of the army see if it was for me. then got a good job in civvi street paying ok money.
    Never got round to going reg. But done a tour looking at another one and try to keep fit. There are people in the T.A that are as good as regs and some that are WAY below. its always the way and sadly always will. pie eaters give the T.A a bad name.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    And the regulars keep on accepting them for tours...

  10. Once I finish my training if all goes well i'll go on ops and then after that if I still like being in the army i'm going in full time that way I know if I can do that I can do most things. at the moment I love it to bits.
    I want to go regs but thought hell I'll go to iraqistan first.
  11. I never wanted to be a reg, I love my job and earn far more than I ever could in the regular army.
  12. As an incentive to get ex-regs in, there are exemptions from going on tour for 3 years IIRC as well as other perks.
  13. I've seen a fair few Reg's who have been to Ginster Woods and found the pie tree so it's not just a TA thing.
  14. I'm always happy to listen to lesser mortals like yourself. :D

    What was your opinion again? :?

    edited to add:
    So true, I once saw a regular gunner who's overhang covered his stable belt completely!!!!
  15. yer but reg pie eaters dont somehow fail or dont do cft and still get bounty.

    but thats off the point. im glad regs come into the t.a after they leave. there worth every penny i for one always listen to them and take it on board.