'Rebels' kill 26 Turkish soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Kurdish rebels kill 26 Turkish soldiers in Hakkari

    Are these the kurds we liberated from Saddam? If so, I bet our military allies the Turks are grateful.....
  2. Kurds from Iraq cross the border into Turkey, kill 26+ Turkish soldier, and then run back to Iraq, and you say these kurds are not related to the kurds we liberated from Saddams Iraq... ?

    Your wiki reference disagrees:

  3. I'm saying these problems predate the Iraq war.
  4. I agree - there was a problem of seperatist rebels attacking Turkey and Iraq before we 'liberated' Iraq.

    The point is we did 'liberate' the Kurds from Saddams brutal regime, leaving them free to attack our military ally Turkey.

    The British army train with Turkish soldiers in the UK and today 26 of them were killed by Kurds that we provided with democracy.
  5. I know what your point is and I reckon it's overly simplistic and I daresay tedious.

    I reckon the fact that the UK was kicking about in South Iraq 8 years ago doesn't have such a massive influence on this incident.
  6. Good on the Kurds.
  7. We trained and fought alongside the Americans, but NORAID provided PIRA with enough weaponry to kill more than 26 of ours. I'm not trying to justify what's happened as I find it tragic, but we can play this 'loyalty' thing until the cows come home.
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  8. I hate them. Especially the lemon ones.
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  9. Iraq should have been left alone in the first place, nothing to do with us or the US and Turkey is more than capable of looking after itself.
  10. Yes to the first, but the KRG was practically autonomous before we went to Baghdad, the Kurds even managed to have a pretty lively civil war in the 90s.

    On the second, the Turks had little time for Saddam and regarded toppling him as a foolish crusade that abused their relationship with DC, that said they were nowhere near as pissed off at the Saudis were on finding themselves nest to a state ruled by Shia untermensch.

    On balance though it's now getting hard to say if Iran or Turkey were the big winners in that roll of the dice. Iran still has more cultural ties and soft power in Iraq but Turkey is not far behind. They are doing a lot of business in Iraq, the KRG included, the Islamist slanted AKP benefited fron the popular outrage and that war is part of the reason Turkey is emerging as the leading power in the region which on balance is a good thing, though the Israelis are not best pleased.

    Such border scuffles are actually less common than they used to be in the 90s I think.
  11. No these are Turkish Kurds not Iraqi Kurds.

    Basically every time Kurdish rebels do something in Turkey the Turks bomb some hillsides in northern Iraq.

    I just don't believe Turks have any saved up targets just waiting for the next attack. If they had real targets they would bomb them immediately. These attacks are largely just symbolic.

    Mostly seems to just be propaganda for the Turkish public to distract them from the fact that they have a seemingly intractable conflict going on inside there border.
  12. Maybe if the Turks were slightly less dickish towards their Kurdish minority they wouldn't have such a large insurgency problem.
  13. Didn't 'we' encourage a kurdish insurrection in the build up to Gulf War I (2nd front & all that), then leave them out to dry after we changed our mind at the kuwait border?
  14. More muslims killing muslims,,,,,makes one weep crocodile tears.......