Rebel Songs

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fishfingers, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Please excuse my ignorance.

    Someone recently loaned me a mixed bag of music, all sorts. Amongst the variety of artists were a load of albums with Rebel Songs. Not having a clue what they were I had quick listen and found they probably wouldn't be suitable for working out / training to.

    What's the score with Rebel Songs are they just harmless folk songs? Should I be concerned and careful where they're played?
  2. No !!!

  3. Generally for consumption only where you know they'll be.... Ummm.... Appreciated.

    Although some, for the most part those writtten prior to the Rising of 1916, would now be considered 'traditional folk songs' anywhere other than the more Orange quarters of NI.
  4. Here's the place to start. A good place to sort of try and test the water:

  5. Cheers guys
  6. 99.9999999999999% of them are pure and utter shite

    and thats from both sides

    but I am jealous of the sash I think its a toe tapping song
    and thousands of times better than Irelands call-
    some of the better songs that are known as rebel songs
    are actually peace and reconciliation songs (I am beginging to sound American here I apoligise)
    try and listen to - "on the one road" or " Tabhair dom do lamh"- (give me your hand)
  7. No problem with them - they tell stories of the Irish fight for independence - sometimes the same melody is recycled with more contemporary lyrics. But you do want to watch who you play them round. :wink:
  8. As to why they are shite in general - Please see Kevins


    Sean South was not from Garry owen and he was a murdering bastard- for starters

    there is however one very poignant and true rebel song

    the tune is the wild colonial boy

    there was an awful arse hole
    kevin b was his name
    he rattled a tin for criminals
    and supported robberies
    he had an answer for everything
    except morality
    and dearly did this Irish lad
    want to kick seven colours of shite out of Kevin B
  9. heres a real tune about 'The Troubles',

    a song telling the true story of a true hero.

    your attitudes been changing a bit over the last few months kevvieBe.
    from a person who come on here to 'try to understand' your posts are becoming quite inflammatory to deliberatly provoke a responce.
    your showing your true colours now hypocrite.
  10. Not meant to be that at all, Dr. I was simply explaining, in a neutral way, what rebel songs are. As to other posts regarding SF, you will notice they are on specific threads that I have been asked to answer. I much prefer discussing US politics.
  11. Damn...must have something in my eye... :cry:

    I'll have to listen to Would Ye Like To Try a Cheeseburger Bobby Sands? to cheer myself up! :twisted:
  12. [quote="KevinB] I much prefer discussing US politics.[/quote]

    Which is probably why you're left with so much time on your hands.

    Still, better time than blood.
  13. "the helicopter song" its a very comical song

    how can you not smile at a helicopter landing in the middle of a prison and breaking out inmates

    the warder thought it was the new minister for defence arriving, one of the inmates said it was his minister for defence leaving
  14. Unless you knew the fella who was flying the helicopter... In which case it's not really very funny at all.
  15. Just heard the Sash on youtube for the first time. Have to agree its good tune with smart drumming. Can anyone recommend more like it (music-wise)?