Rebel MPs block MoD's gift of guns to Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Dec 19, 2004.

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  1. Under New Labour I find myself in agreement with left-wing MPs, human rights types etc worryingly often. :?

    Not this time, however. :evil: :evil: :evil: From Saturday's Guardian,,2763,1376525,00.html

  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Are all these pistols old Brownings I wonder ?

    Or does this government have thousands of pistols just lying about for cheap aid packages ?

  3. If we have this much 9mm ammo, why was I issued only 5 rds for my pistol.
  4. FFS, what a bloody disgrace. Can only assume you had the highest score in your range test, mushroom :wink:
  5. The guns would probably end up in the hands of the rebels eventually. :evil:
  6. Mmm.

    I remember thinking to myself, as I was watching the nightly tracer illuminations over Basra, 'what this place really needs is more guns. Some households have only got one AK, and it's a scandal'.
  7. I doubt it. About this time last year, we had a shipment of several thousand Glocks IIRC, to equip the Iraqi police in the south. Newly made but no doubt sold at a bulk discount.
  8. But surely you could only get 8 in your hand-tooled gold-plated Luger anyway, Mushroom?
  9. If it is indeed 9mm from MoD "surplus" stocks, I would like TCH/Blair/?/ to explain personally to me where these stocks were on the night of 20 Mar 03 when I invaded Iraq with zero rounds for my issue weapon....

    I'd also quite like to hear more about these radios, and why such things can be bought for gifts for the Iraqis but apparently not for issue to HM's soldiers on combat operations - again it would have been nice to have had some comms whilst invading an enemy land in the middle of the pitch-black night (er, NVG was also on my list of 17 items "unavailable, but would have been nice to have in a war"...).
  10. The radios bit made me sit up too. Seeing as our stock was "borrowed"

    Does this mean my FFR won't be coming back?
  11. Come on Cuts! At a guess these are the ones they stole off the UK shooting community six years ago!

    .... And, FMOB, I'm STILL owed £90 by Essex police for the stuff they wouldn't compensate me for and haven't yet returned, nor have they returned the original receipts, as required by the hand-in scheme!
    No wonder the Firearms Act never worked properly, 'cos the police aren't capable of maintaining simple procedures :evil:

    Sorry, I went way off thread... But it seemed like a good idea at the time, officer... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. As you know 'OldAdam' they're now manhole covers.

    When was the last time you contacted us? You can always e-mail me or the Section on -

    We do try. Any help we can give, please let me know. Btw, which Firearms Act are you talking about? The '68, '82,'88, '92 or '97 one?

  13. I think this was just a reallly stupid decision by the loony left!!

    Why should they stand in the way of the government trying to help the Iraqi police and army from fighting the insurgents so that the Iraqi PEOPLE can have democratic elections?

    Just makes my blood boil, two faced hypocrits!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

    And yes, i do agree that it would be nice for our guys to get some of these nice gifts once in a while (preferabbly before D day -5mins on Iraqi border)

    agent smith
  14. I didn't see the radios bit before. I presume UK gov has had these for some time; why then were we running an ops room on a 320 and a mobile phone on the [insecure and temperamental] Kuwaiti network, having comms crises all the time with 320s constantly having to go into workshops, having to plead with REME to get them back ASAP, begging and borrowing from other units, and all the rest of the shennanigans? Particularly when we had to borrow radios from the Czechs to get inter-convoy comms. And especially when private security firms had little gizmos that gave them intra-theatre comms.
    Probably for the same reason that we were running around in SWB 90s for six months and decent vehicles hit 2 days before we left theatre. How many O & D's does it take to change a lightbulb? Don't know, they'll be having the weekend off in Kuwait city... :x

    For f~cks sake!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, rant over. It just makes me SO annoyed, you know....... :)
  15. Still a bit off thread but, in answer to Essex Plod-

    Sorry, I don't mean to be a pain but, after six?-ish years, I got fed up with trying and fed up with waiting... I've now written it off and view it as an object lesson in dealing with officialdom...
    This is not a personal criticism of you. I accept that there are more important things to be done but I try to play by the rules that are laid down, as pointless as they are. It seems that some rules/laws are formulated to be just that, rules; whether they are capable of enforcment and good and equitable administration or not.

    ... Manhole covers? Yes, all the old, worn out and odd types and calibres, but what about the Glocks, Sigs and others of current service patterns? I seem to vaguely recall part of the Home Office blurb stating that such items in good repair would be retained and put to use... :?