Rebel Labour MPs seek signatures for Gordon must go letter

Ahh what good weekend he will have.

"A group of rebel MPs have begun soliciting signatures for a round robin letter calling for Gordon Brown to step down, which they plan to hand to the prime minister after the results of the local and European elections have come in on Monday morning.

The Guardian has learned there are reports that the backbenchers think they can reach 70 or 80 signatories, with some claims that the letter could be delivered to Downing Street by the end of today.

Some backbenchers have seen the letter and are not signing it on account of a perception that the names already on the list are "too leftwing".

No hard copy exists so far but a "tree" of backbenchers, extending throughout the reaches of the 350-strong parliamentary party, are attempting to canvass opinions to gauge the support for the prime minister.

Instead of an actual letter, an email address is being handed out to which sympathetic MPs send an email that they support a single sentence statement that they would like Gordon Brown to stand down.

There had been plans for the letter to go "live" at 10am on Friday morning but it now appears that those at the head of the movement are considering delaying their strike until Monday morning."
Sounds like a 'toe in the water' rumour to me. Anyway, they've got to find some cojones first - Liarbour MPs aren't renowned for their courage. Remember their courageous opposition to Gordon's coronation?
If it is true I am not surprised there must be quite a few MPs looking at the poll results and working out how many more days their majority can survive Gordons help. Even with the perks and expenses cut it will be a lot better than the dole for many if they can stay in the house. In fact I suspect the only ones who do want to wait as long as possible are the ones who know already their chances of getting back are non existant or that Gordons star chamber is going to dump them anyway.

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