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The Grauniad were reporting that she's been questioned by the MOD.

Link to follow.
I can but dream.

Held in a guardroom, wearing worn out covies, brand new squeaky, blister-inducing boots. Old shitty steel helmet for headdress, painted a different color every day. Pokeyed to the cookhouse carrying a 6" shell case for some greasy slop three times a day. Spending her days bulling shithouses and pulling weeds with a cookhouse knife. Spending her evenings ironing her 1157, bulling boots and scraping the paint off boot polish tins, so she can bull them. The one time I really want RPs to be the evil small-man-syndrome fucktards they're good at being, by planting cigarettes in her kit, only to be "found" on inspection.

Please, please, let this be true...
Wrong, it said she is questioned by the MoD, not the military. She will be taken, by a team of investigators,to a smart hotel for a weekend. They will take at least a floor. She will be given the freedom to use the facilities and charge them to MoD. When questioned it will take five minutes to confuse the investigators and they will adjourn to the restaurant/bar. This will be repeated for several months.
If I were in the intelligence gathering team I'd put pineapples in orifices shed never dream of.....

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