Rebekah Brooks: Murdoch Alzheimer Defence or the Arnie Total Don't Recall

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BoomShackerLacker, May 11, 2012.

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  1. It's a bit like watching the scene in Goodfellas when all the Mafia bosses went on trial in their wheelchairs with the oxygen masks and nurses standing by. I'm sure they've all got Ernest Saunders' doctor hired to ensure they recover quickly from their early-onset dementia.
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  2. This will a master class in obsure and ambiguous bollocks.

    The only hope is that, as mentioned on BBC Breakfast this morning, that the enquiry QC, Robert Jay, winds her up so much that she cracks and has an emotional outburst, in an a la A Few Good Men Col Nathan C Jessop stylee

    I would use the Your either covering something up or your the most crap Editor that ever walked the floor of The NOTW tactic. Her ego will self-implode.

    Although, she's still on bail for charges of suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, so it may be a very muted affair.
  3. Robert Jay really needs to stick with an issue until he's bled it to death. He appears to be skimming over matters which are in dire need of exploitation. They're having too much of an easy time of it. Particularly that **** Coulson yesterday who claimed that he was too busy to remember that he had £40k worth of shares. ******* weasel.
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  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Rebekah will take the 'Fith' - "I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it may incriminate Rupert Murdoch".
  5. The politicians are neck deep in shit with murdoch if any serious questions and probing happens so, dont hold your breath, it'll be akin to a mauling by a dead hedgehog.
  6. Selective Amnesia seems to be rife at News International,,We can't remember,We don't recall,We think it might be but we don't think so,We give the readers what they want,,,etc etc etc..............
  7. "Asked by counsel to the inquiry, Robert Jay, if Mr Cameron had sent her a "keep your head up" message she said it had been "something along those lines"."

  8. You didn't really expect her to answer any questions did you?
  9. I'm sorry, could you ask that again *checks diary* (which is blank), ah yes, no.
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  10. It seems not to have affected NI's Management & Standards Commitee (sic) when it comes to offering up lowly Hacks to the old Bill

    I know it's The Mail but its a subject that is raising a lot of concern amongst junior hacks (everywhere) who believe that they're being thrown to the dogs while Brookes, Murdoch jnr, et al are being ignored.

    At least one suicide and another attempted are being contributed to Will lewis' commitee's offerings to the Old Bill

    Scotland Yard Stasi and this sinister assault on a free Press | Mail Online
  11. Diddums. Now they know how the poor bastards whose lives they ruined once felt.
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  12. I've read that, it's bollocks. The Daily Mail are filling their pants at the though someone might take an equal interest in Associated Newspaper's goings-on as well. It looks more and more like the "rogue reporter" is turning into a "rogue industry", and that more than likely everyone was at it. Why would you let your competitor get the edge on you? You don't, you hire your own snooper to go through bins and sniff panties.

    As for dawn raids, that's how you catch crooks off-balance, nice and early. "Ripping up floorboards" is called searching for evidence, and of course people put in the cells have their property confiscated. The usual DM scaremongering, the *****. Private Eye reports that some journos are even booking hotels for the mornings when doors are usually kicked in. I hope the ***** suffer, they deserve it. As always, the inquiry won't really expose and punish everyone who deserves it, the Murdochs brood won't go to jail. I just hope we can **** them up as much as possible.
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  13. It's only that fat **** Littlejohn, so I wouldn't be concerned about anything he has to say. He's happy enough to give his opinion against people who can't fight back so **** him and the horse he rode in on.
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  14. As you say, they are shitting themselves. The standard of their journalistic 'talent pool' is ******* dire at the best of times. Lazy hacks happy to print any old speculative shite and then offer people who plainly cannot afford it, the opportunity to take them to court if they want to clear their name. That's not journalism.
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