Rebbe Schneerson: Hitler was a messenger of God

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jun 1, 2007.

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  2. Well that's alright, then. :roll:
  3. "no evil descends from Above"

    Errr, didn't Satan descend from Above, being a fallen Angel?
  4. I belive that the madman and his followers should be jailed immediately or be sent to madhouse. Though I could be accused in anti-Semitism.
  5. Why should he be jailed for a bonkers opinion? That would get Interpol on your tail, after all...

    Judaism's always fractured into loony cults- only some of them become world religions...
  6. Fanatics scare me... they have a disturbing tendency to convince others to do stupid, violent, and rather anti-social things with their rhetoric.

    Please tell me my Russian friend that you spend an equal amount of time looking up cheerfull and mundane things as well as finding nifty articles of the less wholesome sort...
  7. chocolate frog is right, of course, in metaphysical terms.

    I actually saw Hitler, three years ago, driving a tram in Munich. It was definitely him, from the hair swept to the side, right down to the cheeky tash.
  8. Dear Khyros, this particular article is remarkable from many points of view. I'm trying to understand logic of the cleric and still it is above my understanding. How it is possible to approve killing of millions innocent, moreover that the killed belong to your people. And what about other peoples? About the Russians. Soviet union lost about 20 mlns. Among them many my relatives. From point of view of the cleric they were killed by 'the God's messenger'. It is so insulting.
  9. How can anyone who is sane understand the logic or reasoning of a sociopath or meglomaniac? A political ideology could be subjected to rational debate and argued but that isn't the case with religious fringe elements. I know your prone to be analytical but in these sorts of cases, it's easier on the old blood pressure to accept that there are charismatic fruit loops out there who spout spite and move on.
  10. Sergey, lots of deluded western communists justified Stalin's mass murder by claiming that, overall, it was good for the Soviet people- 5 Year Plans and all that. The principle's really not that different.
  11. It's a good comparison, Rumpelstiltskin. A part of a nation is declared as 'enemies of people' and is exterminated. The same process took place during the Great French revolution. However in both case the killed and the killers belonged to the same people. The French killed the French, the Russians killed the Russians. E.g. the terror was in fact a form of civil war, a war between different classes.

    By contrast, in the discussing case we have something extraordinary, something unpecedented.
  12. Sergei, I call to your attention Waite's excellent The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler.

    Waite recounts an episode that makes me think Hitler was a knowing tool of supernatural forces, specifically demonic ones.

    Hitler was a Wagner fan. He and a boyhood friend, August Kubizek, went to see a performance of Rienzi.

    This opera was about a Roman of humble origins who became "the champion of the common people," a leading statesman, etc.

    Kubizek wrote that, on the walk home, the weather was threatening. A storm seemed imminent.

    Hitler told his boyhood friend to wait as he, Hitler, climbed a hill, then stood at the summit motionless in the wind, intermittently revealed by flashes of heat lightning.

    When Hitler descended the hill, he seemed to his boyhood chum to be transformed. He declared: "I'm going to become a Rienzi." Kubizek thought or imagined that Hitler's eyes then displayed a peculiar and hitherto unnoticed glitter.

    This anecdote lends itself to various interpretations. One is that Mr. Kubizek liked telling dramatic sounding, self-dramatizing stories. Another is that Hitler's trip to the top of the hill was an act of willful self-dedication to the evil to which he devoted the rest of his life.
  13. Wagner is not my favorite composer, but I agree his music is something special, it has inspiring effect. Its emotional influence is tremendous. Personally I prefer bright talent of Mozart, but of course Wagner is genius. Btw, Wagner still now is banned in Israel. And our Israeli friends have some ground for this decision.