Rebadging question

I’ve come to the decision that I need to rebadge.

I’ve found a unit that I’d like to join, problem is my current mob have booked me on a course which I need to do, it’s not due to start for several months and the joining instructions haven’t been sent out yet so I don’t have the exact dates yet.

If I were to rebadge now, would I loose this course?
I’m guessing that the best thing for me to do would be to wait a few months, attend this course, and then start the rebadging process.

What is the correct way to go about rebaging?
Do I inform my current unit first that I want to leave, or do I first approach the unit I want to join and ask if they’ll have me (they’ve already said they would but I’ve told them I wont be ready for the move until towards the end of the year, although in the fresh light of day I think I’d like to get on with it as soon as possible).

Cheers in advance


Would the course be helpfull to you? If so get on it, then transfer. Theres a few lads on here who have transfered to different units so they'd be able to tell you more than me but common sense tells me you need to speak with your own unit first and find out the score and the procces you need to undertake.
It also depends on how "tight" your current unit is, the spirit in which you are leaving and how rare slots on the particular course are. Underwater nuclear welding and knife-fighting for chemical warfare instruction is not a very standard course at all...
Well the course I need to do is a bog standard. From what I’ve been told it’s booked out fairly solid, hence why I can’t start for several months.

As for the spirit of my leaving…
I haven’t yet discussed this yet with my current unit and no one has any idea I’m thinking seriously about this. I’d rather not discuss this with them until I’m ready to go.
I get on well with everyone there and have no complaints about the unit, I’m just not very interested in my trade, the other trades available within my unit or cap badge.
Like most people do, I joined without knowing much about what my unit really does and with hindsight it’s just not me.
Now that I’m a little more experienced I’ve been able to do a little more informed research and I now know what I want to be involved in.
I’m sure if you knew where my interests and education lie you’d understand where I’m coming from.

To put it bluntly, I really enjoy solidering and I’d like to deploy on ops at some point but if I stay where I am the TA will never be anything more than a fun hobby for me and I’ll just turn into a bounty hunting waste of space, if I transfer then I’ll be able to get into a trade that would interest and challenge me and the TA would be able to get the most out of me.

Surely this is a good reason for wanting to transfer and no one would refuse me?
Fair points, but you can still deploy in your current role if you wish.
You’re right I could, but I’d be deploying into a role that didn’t really interest me and after six months in theatre I’d be going loopy with frustration and more than likely jack it all in when I returned home.
Would you want to work with someone like that?

If I deployed into a role that actually gave me a buzz then it would be a completely different story.
What is your current role and your intended one? PM me if it's against persec.
My advice would be to look at the cse you are booked on against the needs of the unit you want to go to. If it has no relevance then bin it and get yourself across. Whats the point in doing a course for a trade which bores the t*ts of you when it may be worthless at your new unit.

Also you should bear in mind that if you tell your boss that you want to go elsewhere then there is a good chance that he will take you off it anyway for someone who is going to be of use to him in your present unit.

Personally I would just go to the unit where you are going to enjoy yourself.
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