Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by signals, May 9, 2008.

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  1. hi everyone,im just after some information on becoming an EHT,basically im looking at changing cap badge hopefully next year and i was hoping someone on here could tell me a little bit about the job such as the day to day work,promotion prospects and also chances of getting on a course, because ive heard there is a selection process and that there isnt many phase 2 courses during the year,any help would be great thanks
  2. thanks, do you know of many people who have retraded? i mean the course seems quite intellectually demanding,is there no screening or selection to see if you are suitable for it? is it seen as a good trade as well
  3. they are a very socialable and popular bunch :wink:
  4. There is a selection process / interview, have no idea what they do thou sorry.
    I too understand that the course is intellectually demanding, you have to be able to distinguish different smells coming from drains.
  5. a few of the guys currently serving have not so much rebadged but retraded within the RAMC, at least 2 were medics and the other a BMS. There used to be a 6 month basic course at Keogh but I believe now that there is a foundation degree course. Not sure on selection. PM Drain_sniffer or Cryptotermes they should be able to answer your queries.... as for what they do all day???? certainly not water testing they palmed that off on us ;)
  6. Poking at turds all day...
  7. Day to day work depends on where you are, our role does not equate to civvy EH very much (although the foundation degree you get is a civilian award)

    Good promotion prospects to Cpl/Sgt, can be dead-mans shoes there-after.

    Selection process required for entry to course (need to display some academic ability due to the demands of the course) and only one course per year (in conjunction with a civ uni)

    I think you'll need to be FE and have some years left to serve to get on the course (I did it years ago when they would accept anyone!)
  8. You said it heeeed!!!!

    To paraphrase a fellow drainee, "The ability to discuss in unfathomable depth, with tedious enthusiasm and an uncomfortable amount of knowledge a plethora of unintersting topics of which the worlds general populus could not care less about" is a real bonus.

    That, and the ability to drink lots, look busy (owning a clipboard helps) and, judging by some other threads, have a deep understanding of what the difference between a cake and a biscuit is will see you go far.

    Seriously though, its a demanding course but the variety and responsibility you get on qualification from a very early stage in your career along with loads of travel and fair promotion is all in all pretty good. The quals also will come in useful when you do leave..

    And most of the cadre are descent blokes and lasses so you'll have a good laugh to boot.