Reasurance for adsc needed!!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Matty-A, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi Everyone
    Before i even start this post i know what most of the answers are gonna be but have been reading a lot on adsc and the bloody medical and the most common defferal being heart murmers.
    I go to glencorse on monday 30th november i have never had a heart problem in my 27 yrs of life im currently running the 1.5 miler in 9:45 thats my personal best (almost pucked after) i can do about 60 push ups in 2 minutes and about the same sit ups. I manage 8 heaves and my upper body strength is pretty good (did a lot of body building a couple of years ago) my biggest concern is going to adsc on monday and being sent home a bloody hour later cos of some innocent heart murmer. its a 4 hour train journey there and the same back. im tring not to worry, i dont drink very often (once a blue moon) and dont drink fizzy drinks just water and juice.Im waffling now any advice or help.

    Joining RE as Building Structural Finisher And want 9 Sqdn once fitter after basic..
  2. I got sent home for a heart murmur. Had an appointment with the specialist the next day and given the all clear, now back to ADSC exactly one month after my sending home.
  3. When you back and where?
  4. FFS Matty, 27 years old, that's heart attack country mate.

    Fucking man up you wuss, you'll be absolutely fine.
  5. Thanks for the sound advice m8 just the answer i expected thats the advice i would have given :)
  6. there's fuck all anyone can reasure you about on here, so i don't know exactly what you want to hear?