Reasons you cant join the Infratry

Hi lads my first post on here 8)

I'd like to no the most common reasons why poeples applications are rejected and other facts why you cant join. I heard you cant join if your allergic to NUTS.

Cheers Coopser :?


I recall many years ago, when I was applying as a junior leader 'discussing' the fact I wanted to join the Paras after the AET. The recruitment sergeant (major?) took me aside and said he didn't think it was a good idea. When I asked why he said 'Ok you're a public school-boy. you've progressed to NCO, your platoon commander is determined to lead your platoon into a suicide attack because of orders, there are better ways to tactically approach the situation but he won't listen, what would you do? I got the point, and his choices to me were pick higher up the list or become an officer...
And the fecking ADSC take so long you will be 100 when they will come back to you and say that your application has gone thru.
Pleas correct my if i am wrong.
Clearly your too clever as your mastery of IT skills demonstrates.

Infantry can be fun and the lifestyle can be a blast but eventully age catches up and you realise that was then this is now and if you want to be a barrier technician then great or some cp work in Nigeria but no one lives forever.

Unless you Connor McCloud of the clan McCloud.

I know his name.


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Becaue you will be called 'hats' by Para Regt - who still have not realised that they are really Infantry.

Because if you did, and then moved on to being an 'aviator' in the AAC, that would give MDN, and (some) of his accomplices a complex :wink:

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