Reasons why people think the TA are a joke…

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Goku, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. Propa 'ard.
  2. Yes I saw that link on one of our memberships signature block, and then followed it’s links to the TA mong advert 8O
  3. OH MY GIDDY AUNT! What a tard!

    (Obviously not serving given his hair - may be the Ad agency should rethink the msg their sending)

  4. I've already commented on this guys videos - I just hope a squaddie punches him in the face one day, anyway...

    You just love my TA video 8)
  5. He's not a walt.

    Making people laugh was his intention.
  6. Sounds like you know him, do tell?
  7. Don't know anything about him, beyond his little videos. (I should add that I am quite content for this state of affairs to continue.)

    The man is a piss taker, not a walt.

    He may be a very sad little piss taker, but that doesn't mean he is a walt.

    (Have just previewed my message - urine has replaced my word of choice!)
  8. He is 14 for goodness sake probably upset his older brother goes on about the ta all the time :D
  9. I found it quite funny! Lighten up!
  10. If he'd called the thread "Join the SAS" no doubt some of the fuckwits here would say "Blimey, the SAS are a bit poor"...
  11. He is a knobber, and i would slap him in face with my foot-long-schlong, but admittedly it was pretty funny
  12. I laughed.