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Reasons why people think the TA are a joke…



Pillager said:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0MJdwWPhjk - this bloke is in the TA and is a worse advert!
Yes I saw that link on one of our memberships signature block, and then followed it’s links to the TA mong advert 8O
OH MY GIDDY AUNT! What a tard!

(Obviously not serving given his hair - may be the Ad agency should rethink the msg their sending)
Don't know anything about him, beyond his little videos. (I should add that I am quite content for this state of affairs to continue.)

The man is a piss taker, not a walt.

He may be a very sad little piss taker, but that doesn't mean he is a walt.

(Have just previewed my message - urine has replaced my word of choice!)

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