Reasons Why Baddass is a candidate for a late abortion......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by goddess, Jan 23, 2005.

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  1. Yes, flush him he's a t*rd

  2. No, he's one of gods errors but let him live

  3. Can we use him for medical experiments?

  1. Reasons Why Baddass is a candidate for a late abortion......

    1 He is a T*sser.
    2 He steals oxygen.
    3 He is a cyber bully.
    4 His mother had pre term Syphilis.
    5 He has no life.
    6 He is a Walt clerk wanna be.
    7 He was banned once.
    8 He is a male BB.
    9 His bum club are bores.
    10 He looks like one.

  2. Don't sit on the fence Goddess.
  3. I find his posts witty...and his is not a bore like you and the slug :D
  4. He's my pal and I like him, not like the dull reincarnate version of another dullard Goddess........ die in a fire you hog!
  5. Ahh, the Bum Club arrives :twisted:

    11 - 99% of his posts are practically cut & paste from his one-page dictionary of insults
  6. Actually, I'm a bit of fan of Badass!
  7. I like him, he tells it like it is.
  8. what sort of medical experiments? :?
  9. Keep Baddass, toss the cnut. :D
  10. Hang the c*nt that's what I say!
  11. He speaks highly of you......especially about those breasts of yours!
  12. 8)

    thank you sweetie....
  13. i thought saddass is very funny :lol:
    im sure MDN can think of some medical experiments involving members of the Bum club :D
  14. Is he in the club? I know he's clever but thats just showing off! :D
  15. Keep Badass, shagg the dullards :twisted: