Reasons to make fun of darksiders:

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. 1. They play dungeons and dragons.

    2. They think typing fast is cool.

    3. They live underground.

    4. They do not understand the concept of windows.

    5. They get excited when they hear short wave radio interference.

    6. They pretend their job is really exciting, in order to lull naive young lightsiders into their world.

    7. They make reclusive autistics seem really good at conversation.

    8. They were all voted "most likely to end up as a clock tower sniper" at school.

    9. They are like bambi on ice around real people.

    and finally...

    10. The only time they see "Sunshine" is on the side of their minibus :)
  2. oh nooooo..not again. We all know that baiting Darksider's is sooo easy...:p
  3. What about those that have BEEN darksiders but are now 'normalised' - how do you identify these?
  4. Sunglasses at midnight
  5. Awww Crap sounds like my current job!! and I'm not a darksider!

    I know a really good joke about 1's and 0's

  6. Could be confused with Americans or other Wkaners though! Must be another way...
  7. Please do tell :nod:
  8. There are 10 types of people in the world!

    Those that undersatnd binary and those that don't!!
  9. and what's the good joke?
  10. I am slightly peturbed that you actually thought that there was actually a funny binary joke!!!
  11. I got it... I am shocked and horrified.

    Not bad though! ;)
  12. i'm just waiting for the Sunshine Happy Bus to come back from their day trip, so all the darksiders can start complaining about how windows don't taste like they used to :)
  13. What about the ones who leave the darkside for the lightside, but then go back becasue they don't like it? How does that work? Now that is fecking strange!
  14. Alas I am aware of more than 1 person who this is applicable to.
  15. I strongly believe that the unit I am with at the moment brings balance to the force! Lightsiders working in a windowless, airless office surrounded by computers!