Reasons to hate Mandy Part III

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mercurydancer, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    I dont wanna discriminate as to his sexuality as that is totally irrelevant and nothing I post will be defamatory as to his sexual orientation. But when I say slimy barsteward or bent it is meant in a very definite way. That is dishonest or underhand.

    OK lets recap... this bent fatherless has been caught with his fingers in the till twice. Twice. Forced to resign once through dishonesty is enough for most but I wanna frying pan that has non-stick properties like his. Yet gets a humungous salary in Brussels, and to make it far far worse, when all public servants are faced with a pay freeze or minimal pay rise in the face of 5% inflation this cnut gets a £1m payout.

    And as Business Secretary???? in the worst economic crisis in living memory??? and our gallant superhero PM appoints a man who has dodged the courts for dishonest practices or abuse of privilege like a Hartlepool lass dodges salads.

    And its insult to have his name in the Lords attached to Hartlepool. Its a travesty. Granted that the politicos in that area spread like MRSA in a hospital only one stands out as being of outstanding quality and that was Mo Mowlem. This may be questionable but I think Elvis was sighted more times on the streets of Hartlepool than Mandelson. Which isnt so astounding as there arent many gay bars in Hartlepool and plenty of Greggs and Peters the Bakers.

    Final comment... this man is so revolting that his kidneys hate him.
  2. Didn't think it was necessary to have a reason.
  3. The fact that you feel the need to say that at the start of your post speaks volumes about what Mandelson and his ilk have done to this country.

    He had his fingers inside something else on a taxpayer funded trip to Rio.

    He asked for an 80,000 quid Maserati as his 'company car' when he started at the EU.

    Can't imagine his former comrades from his days as a member of the British Communist Party would have been impressed by his choice of transport.

    Google 'Brown', 'nappy' and 'rocking horse' for details of a hotly disputed allegation that, if it was true, would explain why Mandy keeps bouncing back.

    That episode was highly educational. I didn't realise that KY could crystalise in the kidneys if rammed far enough up and left there long enough.
  4. AM, you forgot the "allegedly" word! :D

  5. Fcuk winning the X Factor or being a footballer, a geeky gay MP is where the money is at.

    Maybe it's Gordon Browns perverse attempt to establish a cabinet of the most hated and despised MPs in history.
  6. Does Mandy conjure up feelings of respect? The only bloke to ever look up to him is one with Mandy in his mouth.
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Theres a relief.

    Hang about. Didnt you just say.... never mind.

    Ah, here we agree. Quite why Peter agreed to have the taint of pig ignorant Monkey Hangers attached to his name is a mystery to us all. One can only assume it was because he served you for 12 years and ignored the fact that you talk funny.

    Dress badly and deck your bairns out in your Mams curtains.

    Peter Mandleson saved us from the rapacious hands of Thatchers Mafia. And if he had been a tad more sharp, maybe we would not be in the deregulated fucking catastrophy we currently enjoy.

    Incoming? Have it.
  8. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Iron duke

    Rounds falling short

    I didnt say anything derogatory about Mandelson being gay. Elvis may be more offended however.

    He didnt serve me for 12 years at all and I dont talk funny as I'm not from Hartlepool... I only work in Cleveland. And yes they do tend to dress the bairns in Mam's curtains. It would seem that you have tried to unsuccessfully attack me as a person. I would ask you to play the ball and not the player... thank you.

    Mandelson didnt have a seat in the commons whilst Thatcher was PM. I can accept that he may have had a seat whilst Major was PM... not quite the same but I understand. And wasnt the South Durham coalfield in his constituency of which there are no pits left? IIRC the last one closed under Peter's watch.

    I would be grateful to learn of anything positive Peter did for Hartlepool

    In any case, NI secretary... Mowlem did the job far better.

    Deregulated financial structure? yes Thatcher stared that off but after 11 years of Labour in Government are you seriously saying Thatcher's fault?
  9. Exactly my thoughts. Sad, really.
  10. I would be interested to learn of anything positive that he has done for anyone!

    The very worst example of the political class. Corrupt, shameless, self obsessed and no experience outside of the realms of politics.
  11. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    (my bold)

    I understand that Renaldo has much to thank him for. A passport is one item, I believe.
  12. Good point.

    OK. Apart from education, sanitation, the roads.......................
  13. Fcuk not persecuting him because of his orientation.

    1. He's gay.
    2. He's a gay hypocrite who thought the Lords should be abolished.
    3. He's a gay hypocritical enobled hypocrite.
  14. The Norn Iron people just thought of him as another 'ferry' from the mainland