Reasons to date a Cricketer.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DodgerH, May 20, 2008.

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  1. We always wear protection.

    Because with perfect timing we can penetrate a tight ring

    Once we get in you'll be hit for six

    We look for gaps and play into them.

    We are capable of pulling anything.

    We're not afraid to introduce a third man if required

    We appreciate legs whether they be fine, short, long or even square.

    If it starts to get wet we are always sure to have spare sheets and covers.

    We try to avoid "spraying it"

    We can go on and on and on for many days!!!

    We like to play straight

    We can bat on both grassy and grassless wickets

    We build long partnerships.

    We know how to vary the pace to good effect

    We British cricketers relish the chance to go 'down under'

    We know that chasing a wide one can lead to regret

    We appreciate the importance of playing in the V.
  2. Presumably you do not bat for both sides?
  3. Do you like to be the twelfth man??
  4. As long as it isn't for Delia Smith...
  5. Bored by any chance
  6. But you always have grass stains on your balls, then try to polish them on your trousers
  7. Do you also have big, red balls?
  8. You like the idea of their private parts getting sweaty inside a box?
  9. Women also wear cricket boxes. They call them 'man hole' covers.