Reasons to be an RMP?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by woozieuk1, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. Yep im looking for a change and was considering a career as an RMP.

    I know that i have opened myself up to a lot of ribbing but i would like to know if anyone has been in my position before (changing capbadge late into phase 1 training.)

    What were your reasons and looking back on the transfer is it what you expected/wanted/hoped for?

  2. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Nah cant think of one))
  3. Are you short of friends?
    Do you have a tiny penis and need a little bit of power to make up for your little todger?
    Do people think you're a bit of a Cnut?

    Can we move this to the NAAFI?

    In all seriousness, You need to first ask what the reasons are for leaving your current trade
  4. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    well for those so inclined, you do get such a nice looking cherry beret.... :D

    On a serious note, it probably gives you a "trade" of sorts to fall back on when you leave, although I do not know what skills are transferable or how many individuals do this.
  5. In order to rain the Stick of justice onto the limbs of drunken troops?
  6. Don't worry about these retards mate, trust me the only people who don't like RMP are those with limited intelligence that didn't make the grade, those who are always on the wrong side of the law, and those who are so damn stupid that they simply follow their little friends like sheep and say they hate the RMP because it's 'the right thing to do'.

    Whilst I've never transferred myself, I have been in the RMP more than six years and it's a good life. Granted there are cock ends who get off on the power but they don't go very far and they're easy to spot. And trust me, you find people like that in every walk of life - two examples would be the guys who have replied to you on this forum so far...

    If you want more specific advice on the RMP just let me know.
  7. TBH you sound like a bit of a chod with that post. I'm sure the other posters are just winding the lad up. It's just banter. Many slag off the RMP but most realise that they are needed and on the whole do a good job.
  8. TBH you sound like a bit of a chod with that post. I'm sure the other posters are just winding the lad up. It's just banter. Many slag off the RMP but most realise that they are needed and on the whole do a good job.[/quote]

    What planet are you on ?
  9. This is not like Armynet where you can be identified so there's much more ribbing & banter & so it should be, as long as people don't become nasty

    but joking aside with my "Limited Intelligence" (only joking people) i served in Cyprus a number of years back & my old Unit was'nt very popular with the RMP's due to our history but with all due respect the RMP are in the job for a reason as their is a very important role to deal with & of course a certain % of service personnel dislike or have a negative view of the RMP's & once they've had a few too many call them the usual well known names,

    In the major Garrison Cities & Town's they are well respected by the Local plod & as choosing a career change either mid-way through training or some other time is basically down to the individual & what they think they can offer the Unit, what they may think their career progression maybe & other certain factor's contributing to their decission

    Like Chef's, Pti's etc these jobs may not be popular with everyone but some people prefer that type of carrer irrespective of what others say,

    Just remember my friend it's YOUR career not anybody else's

    good luck what ever you decide buddy
  10. The more important questions are, What is your reason for wishing to transfer and what are you hoping to get out of transferring?
  11. Don't whatever you do transfer because the job looks or sounds cushy and a quick route to Cpl.

    For one RMP NCOs do not have the status and perks of NCOs of Regimental NCOs, just see whose picking up the litter around the Police Station and LCPls are essentially Privates within their own units.

    Secondly they work very long hours and expect to be messed around on their sleep and rest days.

    There are alot of good things about being in RMP, but consider the flip side as well.
  12. I did 11 years as an Infantryman until recently. I got as far as I wanted to go with the Infantry (Sect Comd) and always had one eye on transfering halfway through my career. I did, and the RMP is what I went to.
    I never thought of myself as an RMP, but I never had any dealings with them before but had heard all the negative stuff.
    I did a 2 week attachment with them and thought they were shite. The Junior ranks were alright but the Seniors were a bunch of arse! I wasn't going to transfer after that but going back to my unit I got dicked with a bum job, transfer papers in!
    I've now been in the RMP 18 months, compared to my last's pretty easy. And night time scuffles are pretty fun, in a professional kinda way. I understand a regular Soldier who's pissed. I know the difference between an angry pissed-up hard guy and a pissed redarse and how to deal with them respectively. It's the paperwork that throws you. It would be easier being a civvy cop.
    My thought about the Senior ranks is the same, the majority will back-stab you to death to gain credit. I, personally class all Sgts as LCpls seeing as they get their LCpls straight from training and their Cpls 18 months later. They know their job, but they've not earned that promotion, not like regular troops.
    I'm gonna see what my next RMP unit is like before I judge whether I'm happy that I transfered or not.

    As I said, I transfered 11 years in. That was probably the hardest thing for me, going back to phase 2 training. It is a lot softer than when I went through first time, but it's still degrading. If you're relatively junior and are mature........go for it. As someone else has said on here, it's your career!
  13. Do you know what, you're actually right, I do sound like a chod. An over reaction on my part.

    To the guy who started this thread, from this you may be able to see that it is not all pleasant being an RMP - as has been lightly touched on, you often put in a hell of a lot of hours with no thanks, and actually conduct a very important and very often misunderstood role. It really is frustrating when you get soldiers slagging you off all the time for doing your job, luckily if you have any people skills (as I clearly failed to display in my original post) you will be able to deal with anyone of any rank in the army.

    I disagree with the comments about promotion, promotion is quick to Class 2 Cpl in RMP but from there onwards i.e. gaining Class 1 and then Sgt it is a lot more difficult. You actually have to have something between your ears to pass your Level Two Investigation's Course, and to get Sgt you will have to have a fair few quals under your belt if you're in GPD, and if you go SIB you will have at least 9 months of stupidly long hours, tests galore and stressful situations to deal with regularly. So trust me, getting to Sgt in RMP is not easy.

    Of course, as with any Corps there are always those who slip the net and get promoted for knowing the right people.
  14. Reasons to be an inferority complex would help.
  15. Yes quite....that would be why we're one of the hardest Corps to get into, and also one of the most professional and versatile outfits in the British Army and conduct far more operational and peace time roles than any other trade.

    Did Mummy not love you enough?