Reasons NOT to support the Tories

2. William Hague


You want to watch Gordon Brown finish his systematic destruction on the UK?
You think Hague will be a worse Deputy PM than Prescott?
You hate the UK?
vvaannmmaann said:
It would be interesting to see how Cyclops gets us out of the shite we are in.
Interesting but probably not pleasant.


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The Boy Cameron
phil37 said:
1. William Hague
Nah, hes a lightweight, anyway, who would want to win the election with the country in this much shoite, you would need an ego the size of wait....its the return of Tony Blair!!!!
"Vote Dave, get Brussels."

hairyarse2 said:
"Vote Dave, get Brussels."

Vote Broon,got Brussels,plus anothet 5 years of shite.

As for William Hague being a" Lightweight",suggest you do a bit of homework,and watch reruns of Bliar shitting himself in debates with Hague.

The problem Hague had in the last General Election was,a distinct lack of hair,which for some reason convinced voters that "Tone" was cleverer because he had some?

But if these are your only reasons not to support the Tories. Go back to sleep for another 5 years. :lol:
Now why shouldn't I vote for the Torys, or even the Limp-Dicks........

I think William Hague would make a better 'Punch and Judy' manu-a-manu with the old Bagpuss Gordo, or whoever succeeds him as Dear Leader of the Opposition...... Ed 'balls balls balls balls' Balls maybe, or one of Chuckle Bros, the Milipedes......

Anything must be better than another 1, 2 or 4 years of Pseudo-Marxist Twattery from a bunch of Yoghurt crunching, Bed wetting, Tree hugging Kommie f*ckwits............... :p :sleepy:
Would have a cheeky chappy toff Englishman feck up our country and at least attempt to sort it out, rather than a bumbling one eyed prick of a Jock who sat us in the shite to begin with :D

Edit for shite spelling.
I would say Hague was one of the few reasons to vote Tory. Personally I don't care if the Tory leadership are all Eton-educated toffs, it's how they lead that I'm concerned about. Not choosing someone because they went to Eton makes no more sense than choosing someone because they went to Eton. It's about the man or woman and what they bring to the party, not how privileged their life started out. Neither Blair nor Brown weren't educated at Eton but they aren't exactly men of the people and scions of the working class now, are they?

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