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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Incendia_coepi, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering what the requirements are for a user to be banned from the site?

    It’s all a bit confusing what is considered to be crossing the line. Unfortunately the site rules don’t seem to be terribly clear cut on the matter (have a read, they really arent that clear).

    There are several levels of 'warning'. Warning PM form a moderator, O2 thief tag and then making a user invisible to others. That in itself seems to be fair if someone is stepping over the mark. How is this route applied though?

    I've tried to contact the site owners but as yet, no reply has been forthcoming.

  2. how about try 0121 do one
  3. How very wrong you are, lofty. ;)
  4. Why don't you try it out? Your first two posts are totally bone so just keep on as you are!
  5. Now come on mate, who are you really? What is your usual arrse call sign?
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  6. I smell a wind up...
  7. Fugly

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  8. Fugly, there are some blind gets on here, me among them.
    I think our twisted firestarter, given his avatar, is trying to get a bite.
  9. If some of you lot actually check your pm's, you'll be in the rembrant. ;)
  10. Sixty

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    Or read the 'NCO's US and UK thread' and rub 2 brain-cells together? ;)
  11. It aint rocket science, is it sixty. :roll:
  12. Try pushing the envelope, see what happens?

  13. Tried that route about 30 times a few months ago. There was a war going on so it was fair play. :wink:

    This time though, it seems as if Mary Whitehouse has the site password.....
  14. Is that you Flash? :?