Reasons for saying FFS what is going on.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shaka, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. The "rubbish charging" has to be one of the most breathtakingly stupid and naiive initiatives yet ..... FFS, have they seriously no idea what the inevitable outcome is going to be?

    "Here you are luv, just chuck these two bin bags somewhere, on your way to the pub...."

  2. It's very simple. As the last glowing embers of the New Labour camp fire fade to ashes, the wolves of Old Labour are circling ever closer.

    The semi-competent members of New Labour have seen the writing on the wall and have buggered off to write books, go on lecture tours or claim expenses in the Euro parliament. We are being governed by Labour's B-team.

    If the stories above make you angry, consider the following: -

    WWII bomber pilot is being left to go blind. The drugs needed to save his sight cost 4,000 quid. His local NHS trust will leave him to go blind rather than spend 4 grand. LINK

    Compare and contrast with the case of John Pilley. John is in prison serving life for attempted murder and kidnap. In 2001 the NHS paid 15,000 quid so he could have a sex change and he was transferred to a women's prison.

    He's since decided that he wants to be a man again and is currently on the waiting list for some sort of todger transplant. This procedure is much more complex than the chop job involved in male to female sex changes. It will cost tens of thousands. LINK

    Ancient Mariner accepts no responsibility for any seizures, burst blood vessels, heart attacks or uncontrollable rage encountered by readers of this post.
  3. I'm lost for words. I'm going to buy a cat so I can kick it.
  4. It's not a case of WHO (taxpayer) is paying for all this. It's more a case of WHY are we paying for this?
  5. This is what happens when you spend "the family silver" on propping up a false economy and then take the plaudits for being such a brilliant Chancellor. Anyone notice that all these extra charges are coming in just as interest rates start to rise. The Coffers are bare!!
  6. The CSA staff bonus thing is a red herring. The staff work under a high level of pressure, suffering abuse at the hands of management and the (justifiably unhappy and let down) public. The concept was fine (ministers moved the goalposts to start chasing 'easy' wins and leaving the scum alone), but the implementation (by consultants) was botched, the IT system has never worked properly (>£1Bn wasted) and the agency is ruled by fear with those willing to challenge management ruthlessly victimised.

    These bonuses were (in the main) for front line staff suffering the consequences of the above and probably amounted to sums of about £100 pa for members of staff who are paid about the same as a Band 3 infantry private soldier.

    If you want to get hot under the collar about the CSA, take it out on your MP, ministers (of both hues) and the lobbying firms that push crap ideas at thick and greedy politicos. :pissedoff:

    NB - I don't work for the CSA.
  7. Odd how there is an option to levy charges but no corresponding duty to reduce council know...councils do not use this as a revenue raising measure.
  8. Previous Tp Comds say, 'Let's use up our annual budget', on crap we don't need. It happens every year. So, as with the above, while managers are in comfy jobs, gunning for promotion etc., no one will stand up with steel balls and say, 'THIS IS WRONG'. And as long as bed wetters are in positions of authority and can cover their mortgage then the UK will be a constant pi$$ stained matress, of sorts.
  9. I only got as far as the first few lines after the headline of each link before the banging-head-on-wall feeling seeped in. It really seems like the government is searching for reasons why the electorate ought to kick them out of the seat they hold that gives them these power. Every few days, up pops another.
  10. Further to CMs post.

    There is no evidence given in the article of a secret - sorry restricted - Downing Street document outlining the charging for handing out rubbish, the buggars don't even claim to either had evidence leaked or been told of it by 'an anonymous source'. The Torygraph has previous on lying, I suggest this might be the case now.

    As to the Human Rights thing - the level of crap coming out of some arrsers on this matter shows that there are misunderstandings, real or affected, on this matter. Personally I would rather have had the money spent in house, but since the 'house' couldn't get the message across, why not employ a company whos reason d'etre is getting the message across.

    Finally, on the copper. There was no weapon produced in evidence - if there was then the Daily Hate would gleefully have pointed out the fact. If a member of the public assaulted someone in a pub with whom he had been argueing, and then used the coppers defence then he would have been found guilty. Should there be one law for the public and another for the coppers. I always thought that justice was blind.
  11. Fraid not Sven. 30 councils are already installing the necessary electronics into wheelie bins so they can weigh the contents and bill you accordingly. It's a small disc like gadget wedged into the honeycomb structure under the lip of your bin. If you find one, I'd suggest introducing it to your microwave oven, thus knackering it with no visible signs of damage.


    Fair enough. Show us something good that has come out of the Human Rights Act. Show us evidence of somebody who has been saved from genuine injustice as a result of this act. Bear in mind that this is Arrse and we don't class junkies being deprived of heroin in prison as injustice.

    Because the government shouldn't be spending public funds on party political propaganda.

    The Human Rights Act was intended to be a UK version of the US constitution - the bedrock of a fair and just legal system. Instead, it was so badly drafted and implemented that it has turned into a disgraceful criminal's charter. The government are now spending our money on spin doctors to mitigate the damage the Human Rights Act is doing to Labour's re-election prospects.

    As a leftie, how would you feel if the Thatcher government had spent public money on a PR firm to explain what a bunch of barstewards the striking miners were, or what a great idea the poll tax was?

    Personally, I'd rather see the 25 grand spent on saving the sight of half a dozen people who will go blind because the NHS won't fund the drugs they need. Or perhaps saving the life of a cancer patient whose PCT won't fund herceptin.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It wont work on my bin as the council bin lorry keeps eating my bin, I'm on my 3rd since they started a year ago!
  13. Here you are Sven some more PC nonsense for you to agree with.

    The traditional game of tag would seem an unlikely offender. But headmistress Susan Tuck doesn't think so. She has banned it – along with all other games which involve physical contact – as "inappropriate behaviour". Mrs Tuck became concerned that playground games were becoming too rough after a number of instances of bumped heads.

    The rules had been introduced for health and safety reasons.
    Sharon Dellar, whose 15- year-old son, Ayden Binns, was sent home said: "It really does seem like an extreme punishment.

    I take it then that a game of murderball would not go down too well at either school.
  14. So the rights the HRA brings into law only aids criminals eh - tell me exactly WHICH of the rights are given only to criminals? Tell me which laws You are not protected by?

    Its precisely because of statements like Yours that this government finds it necessary to commit funds to try and counter the inaccuracies.

    As for the rubbish bins - yes some councils are buying chipped bins, a few are even calling for a bin tax but are they just Labour councils that have them? Are only Labour councils calling for the tax. Most important question of all - is there a restricted Downing Street document?

    I can't find a list of the 30 councils but the makeup of those listed are

    Alnwick - No Overall Control
    Crewe and Nantwich - NOC
    Devizes - NOC
    Harrow - Conservative
    Peterborough - Conservative
    Saint Helens - NOC
    South Norfolk - LIB DEM
    Woking - NOC
    Worcester - Either Conservative or NOC (There was a Joe Bloggs listed as an independent but had no contact details)
    Aberdeen - NOC

    If this was a Labour conspiracy then why are there so many hung councils or conservative councils in on it?