Reasons for re-joining!

I'm thinking of re-joining ... can anyone prescribe anything to help with the symptoms?

1. I can ride my bike again, without fear of not being able to work - and then not get paid.

2. I only have to wear a suit a the CO's house and when I'm going to get pissed in works time.

3. Rather than paying for my house myself (what was Thatcher thinking of?) I can get a teacher/policeman/nurse to pay for it by renting it out in an area they can't afford to buy - whilst getting a dirt-cheap house with the job.

4. I don't have to commute 3 hours a day just to get to work!

5. I can crack a joke in the workplace which a) everyone understands and b) nobody takes offence at.

6. My family don't sound dissapointed everytime I have to remind them that I'm not in the Army any more.

7. I can actually put to good use all the kit and gizits I've collected over the years that are stuck in my shed, loft and garage that I just can't bear to part with (though I've just given my dessy boots to a more deserving case!!).

There are loads more the little devil on my shoulder is telling me, but the bloke in the frock is telling me different.

You decide!! ::)

1. In Civ Div, you can't get given extra unpaid work just for riding your bike in your work clothes

2. If you’re a good boy in Civ Div, you can make people wear suits when they come to your house

3. In Civ Div, your house doesn't have to look like it is in a FIBUA training area.

4. If you don't feel like it, you don't actually have to go to work

5. Can't argue with that, f**king civvies  ::)

6. My family doesn't get disappointed because I have to say "yep, I know I just got back from (insert backwater name here), but I can't have any time off to see you because I've got to do those lazy w*nker firemen’s jobs for them"

7. In Civ Div, gizits still have a use. Just get drunk and bore your civvie mates to death about how you got them ;D


none that i can think of
though i do agree about the jokes, my Mrs don't understand half what i say let alone my sense of humour :p

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