Reasons for joining up

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by udipur, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

  2. Mine was this picture stuck on the bedroom mirror..

    That and my Dad insisting it was either that, or hod carry for the bog Irish c*nt for £30 a day for the rest of my life..
  3. So i could kill people and cum on their dead faces, seeing that the Salvation Army didnt allow that (Bluddy liars, i know they eat babies) I joined the British Army so i could do what the films said i could do, like skiing and driving tanks through houses, that and shagging other squaddies wives when they were away on scheme.
  4. How come they are dressed? :?
  5. Indeed. Not a roll mat in sight. Shocking.
  6. Size of the 'Arrse' on the last one running after the tank...!!!...yummy..!!..anyway I G/Pa did'nt need no 'fec**ng fancy videos..just his call up papers...did 'Franz Josef' proud at Verdun.. :)
  7. My Bold: Agree'd. Yummy indeed. In fact, I THINK that advert alone has just tempted me to sign up for the Austrian Army now :) Dont suppose it would work too well in the UK, Having some Burberry Baseball cap wearing scrote sat on the bonnet of his Saxo with his little chav girls all swooning over him....
  8. In the British version, you just don't stop the APC until you're over the Saxo.

    It'll attract the sort we're really after.

    P.S. I'm sure the Ukrainians or some other Eastie-beastie mob made an almost identical advert. Austrians - Germans without the charm.
  9. Aye, they did. Austrians pikied it almost intact.
  10. A reason for joining up.....

    Postings to Germany... cheap beer, getting pished..... Jogging the night away at the Queensway and Malborough Clubs at Rheindhalen.... Oh sod it.... I did that in the 1960s..... :)

    Nurse..... I forget me meds again..... and I just sh*t meself........ :(
  11. The same reason I haven't signed off - I don't want to be a civvy.

    That and the fact that guns, tanks, etc are fecking fun to play with.
  12. I honestly don't know?

    I always did though since I was tiny, my dad used to say "Suck that you little fat prick, and if you tell your mam I'll kill your cat!"

    ...erm...thats not relevent? NURSE!!!!
  13. and what advert did we get in the UK? Some hairy assed sarge screaming at me in a landy (i presume) about killing the lights and driving through a wooded area...................................Hardly a comparison i suppose

    "Left here, left..........left.......... left left left leftleftleft"

    Ah I remember it well