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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jethro, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Could anyone recommend decent binos for every day use please.? My old man has just retired and wants to get himself a pair to keep in the boot of the car and to take with him when he goes walking and fishing.

    Many thanks

  2. Bushnell are reasonable and can take some hammer, try the 8x42 "Powerview" (bulkier) £30 + on E bay or a bit more compact try the "Trophy" 8x42 £70 to £90 E bay, ideal for spotting birds........both young and old! :wink:
  3. I'd steer away from anything 'compact' or cheap, and it is worth paying extra for some type of robust rubber coating. A good German make is Steiner, good range and most are 'rubber-armoured' - if you know anyone serving in Germany they may be able to get you them tax-free from an airport or Yank PX.

    The main criteria is the spec he wants, eg 8x21. The first number is the magnification, anything over 10 and it's probably too powerful (over x10 tends to be tripod mounted spotting bino's). The second number is the aperture/lens size, so the bigger this is, the brighter/clearer the image. If you get this the wrong way round you will have too much magnification and a narrow field of view - hard to find/track what you want to look at and the picture will tremble/shake.

    Sounds like your old dad would need something like Mr Webster suggests, approx 8x42, but have a look around. There are plenty of online guides, I would use one which specifically refers to watching wildlife/birds.

    Congrat's to your old dad now he's a full-time loafer :wink:
  4. I have a pair of Swarovski 10x25. They were slightly damaged, and were in the window in a Cash Converters in the Seven Sisters Road, and they wanted just £12 for them! MUGS.

    Sent them off to swarovski UK for a service and clean-up, £40. Now perfectly serviceable

    Fantastic, but pricey, new. £299 last time I looked

    Similar are Leica Trinovid 10x21. same Schott glass used.

    If you want best value, you cant go far wrong with Nikon. Brightness and colour transmission is superb, but the swarovskis and leicas are sharper and completely distortion free.

    There is a law of diminsihing returns on Binos really. A £300 pair are not neccessarily 3 times better than a £100 pair.

    Also, personal eye physiognamy needs to be taken into account. Leica Trinovids are great, but Swarovski suit my eyes better. Similiarly I have seen cheap russian pairs that feel better for me than expensive Jap pairs.

    Buying from the states is reccomended. The current $/£ exchange rate makes already cheap Binos even cheaper.

    But most of all...Go to a shop with a wide range, and let your dad try several different brands and types to find what suits him best. And dont write off the cheaper end of the market especially Yukon brand (Made in Belarus by an ex-soviet union military contractor)

    (Jessops own brand are PUMP though!)
  5. Try a pair of these

    Bresser 10x50 £24.99

    Not top quality like Swarovski put perfectly well suited to what your old fella needs, I bought a pair for astronomical use for my nephew and have been more than impressed for the money.