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I am considering getting a rear view camera fitted to my car, and a second camera fitted to my caravan.

I would want the car camera to come on only if reverse gear was selected, and the caravan camera to come on with the car ignition.

Are they worth having?

Are they easy enough to fit?

Wired or Wireless?

Any ideas on a decent set-up?
Id go wired for the car and wireless for the caravan.

Have not seen them for sale here but a couple of years ago I helped a friend install one on a pickup in the states. Simple enough job for the basic fit but your desire to only have it on when in reverse will make it a tad more complicated.
If you wire the camera power to the reverse light then it should be a doddle.


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The idea of the caravan camera is because although I use extensions on my wing mirrors, I can't see what is directly behind me. My caravan does not have a window in the back so I can't see all the way through as you can with some. I've already had a near miss with a motorcycle tailgating me that I didn't see until I went to overtake a truck on a motorway. And of course it is very hard to judge distances when you are reversing a caravan.

The car camera is primarily because my car has a large blind spot behind the tailgate. Being a fussy bitch, I would rather not hit something/someone that was below my sightline.

An added bit of safety equipment is all it is.

Remind me not to ask you to work on my car! What you suggest should work but might best be described as a "bodge".

I would try to keep all the wiring, except for that actually connecting the camera to the display unit, forward of the dashboard.


I love my rear view camera. It is activated when reverse gear is enagaged although it's possible to switch the screen input to the rear view camera even when the car isn't in reverse. My husband fitted it so I'm not entirely sure how it's done but I know it's a pretty simple wired set up. I can find out if you need some help?

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