Rear seats- wooden side facing type

Have any of you seen the new instruction on this? What a farce!!! we can now no longer transpoert troops in the rear of a truck as its not safe, the only units allowed to do this are training establishments( Who have the new seating system), Belize and Kenya. If you don't have the new type seat you cant move troops not even on exersise anymore!! It states that all wooden benches are obsolete and will be recalled and that unless you have seats you can't transport troops. So are we now to take mini-buses into the harbour area and cam them up? Then to top all this we must cut the white fleet budget!! who is running our army? Do we have to deploy anymore has the health and safety man been to Iraq yet? Time to get a grip, health and safety has a place but come on!!! Does any one else have views on this?
Oh, goody. Is there a similar directive for Hercules?
putteesinmyhands said:
Oh, goody. Is there a similar directive for Hercules?
Doubt it: when did you last see one on ex?

They also have shitty suspension so despite having paid a fair whack for them they are still amazingly uncomfortable. Something to do with road fuel economy I was told!


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Don't forget helmet's and ear defence must also be worn. FFS
Just playing jebels advocat here, have you ever seen a lanny thats gone dirty side up ? I have, its was a long time ago when I was in the hebs, the on coming shift was late, we later found out they had lost a face off with a mini metro of all things and had somersaulted a 90 exhaust over tit.

Fortunatly they crawled away ( into the ditch ), howver the 90 was now tres pointy and a triangular shape, this made the bonnet very hard to open.

A day earlier there had been 4 guys on shift, those 2 guys would have been toast, or at least pate if they had been in the back.

Landys and beddys are cargo carrying vehicles
In Cadets we used to be able to ride in the 4 Tonner with our legs hanging out. This year we went for one trip in a 4 tonner on ex and the new TSA literally went mad. It appears that they are for baggage only unless new seats are fitted, ear and head defence is worn and Seatbelts are fitted!
So what "new seats" were they going to put in them then?

This is absolutely bloody ridiculous. Isn't it about time we told the EU to fcuk off? What are we supposed to use instead? bloody double deckers or some such shite? When are these yellow bellied EU knobrots going to get it into their thick fcuking heads that personal safety and military service don't always go hand in hand!
Imagine when the first load of people get blown up in their wagons because they're too busy fcuking around with seatbelts and bloody ear defenders, instead of just jumping out the back like soldiers from armies not afflicted by this euro health and safety shite.

Absolutely unbe-fcuking-lievable. :x :x
Mazur_UK said:
In Cadets we used to be able to ride in the 4 Tonner with our legs hanging out. This year we went for one trip in a 4 tonner on ex and the new TSA literally went mad. It appears that they are for baggage only unless new seats are fitted, ear and head defence is worn and Seatbelts are fitted!
He LITERALLY went mad, did he? I don't think so. I might have a lot to learn, but you almost certainly have an even bigger hill to climb. Though why the rest of arrse hasn't eviscerated you the way they did me is beyond me.
I've seen them, they are black plastic seats (the kind you'd get in a football stadium) with a luggage rack overhead. Seat belts are there too. They're called TCVES or something!
A luggage rack? on a bedford?

The guys sat below 'em are gonna get twatted with whatever's in said luggage racks as soon as the bloody things go over a bump anyway!

So are these things fitted in the same configuration as a normal bedford, i.e. two rows facing outwards, or will they be the same as a glorified minibus?
In my time the centre, outward facing seats had been brought in apparently because hte previous inward facing seats mounted at the sides had been the cause of problems when driving through woods. Branches brushing down the sides had caused back injuries.

I used to prefer Bedfords to coaches for deployment to training areas because we weren't cramped in with no leg room. Nobody sat on the seats though - we stretched out on the deck with our bergans as backrests.

As far as the EU is concerned, they are our natural enemies and the traitors Brown and Blair should be strung up. It's no coincidence that they removed the death sentence for treason - they were thinking of their own lying cowardly hides.
I liked the old bedfords with the rows of seats in the middle - I remember when it was a bit packed we had lads sat at the sides of the wagon too, facing inwards - they were told to shift for the same reasons as EX_STAB highlighted.

But they were cool, on a drive from warcop to yorkshire, you could pack the bergans on the floor and go to sleep on em.
Until the seats fell down under their own weight and gave you concussion :p .
sebastian_r said:
No need to shout, now feck off

Are you allowed to sleep in them still? On one ex the ground got soaked so we decided to sleep in a 4 tonner. This was about 4 years ago though...
I for one are not a great fan of H&S but in the respect of the carrying of troops in the back we cant get away from it.
Although it has not been allowed to carry troops in the back of 4/8 tonners for a bit now, this will also apply to Support Vehicle.
As much as we are tufty soldiers, when a truck tips over and everyone and kit gets thrown out and someone dies, the families of that soldier/soldiers look for an answer why they died. When the lawyers say "well the Army should of provided protection for him/her and if they did, they maybe alive today", but didnt, chests get prodded.
There is no exemption for the MOD in respect of Duty of Care/H&S, as much as we like to get it, its actually very difficult, if not impossible. So if there is a system that allows protection to troops in the back, and it seems not to degrade the effective performance of the soldier to react then it will be introduced. But at the end of the day, theatre/Ops "could" say "no we are not using them etc etc" but, and this is a big but, someones name would have to appear at the end of a written statement saying this. But with recent high profile court cases i dont think someone would be willing to do it.
As for the new Support Vehicle, they are not the most comfortable vehicles to travel in, and as they are designed, in theory to carry up to 9 tonnes of cargo, the comfort of the tufty soldier in the back wasnt an high priority. Yes, i agree it doesnt look warry to travel to Otterburn in a coach, but take your trucks and travel in the back when you get there (budget allowing of course! :roll: ).
Legacy (old) equipment got away with not complying to new regulations, but when you introduce new equipment, they have to comply fully otherwise no company would agree to make anything for the MOD.
But those of you travelling in the back, just think of the poor driver and passenger in the front with their air sprung seats and air conditioning! :evil:

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