Rear seats- wooden side facing type

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Borderer, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Have any of you seen the new instruction on this? What a farce!!! we can now no longer transpoert troops in the rear of a truck as its not safe, the only units allowed to do this are training establishments( Who have the new seating system), Belize and Kenya. If you don't have the new type seat you cant move troops not even on exersise anymore!! It states that all wooden benches are obsolete and will be recalled and that unless you have seats you can't transport troops. So are we now to take mini-buses into the harbour area and cam them up? Then to top all this we must cut the white fleet budget!! who is running our army? Do we have to deploy anymore has the health and safety man been to Iraq yet? Time to get a grip, health and safety has a place but come on!!! Does any one else have views on this?
  2. ISTR that this doesn't apply on training areas

    The new MAN trucks have an "alton towers" seating rig
  3. Oh, goody. Is there a similar directive for Hercules?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Doubt it: when did you last see one on ex?

  5. September this year.
  6. They also have shitty suspension so despite having paid a fair whack for them they are still amazingly uncomfortable. Something to do with road fuel economy I was told!
  7. New defender also has side seats removed. All seating must be forward facing...due to EU rules!
  8. Don't forget helmet's and ear defence must also be worn. FFS
  9. Elfin Safety :?
  10. Just playing jebels advocat here, have you ever seen a lanny thats gone dirty side up ? I have, its was a long time ago when I was in the hebs, the on coming shift was late, we later found out they had lost a face off with a mini metro of all things and had somersaulted a 90 exhaust over tit.

    Fortunatly they crawled away ( into the ditch ), howver the 90 was now tres pointy and a triangular shape, this made the bonnet very hard to open.

    A day earlier there had been 4 guys on shift, those 2 guys would have been toast, or at least pate if they had been in the back.

    Landys and beddys are cargo carrying vehicles
  11. In Cadets we used to be able to ride in the 4 Tonner with our legs hanging out. This year we went for one trip in a 4 tonner on ex and the new TSA literally went mad. It appears that they are for baggage only unless new seats are fitted, ear and head defence is worn and Seatbelts are fitted!
  12. So what "new seats" were they going to put in them then?

    This is absolutely bloody ridiculous. Isn't it about time we told the EU to fcuk off? What are we supposed to use instead? bloody double deckers or some such shite? When are these yellow bellied EU knobrots going to get it into their thick fcuking heads that personal safety and military service don't always go hand in hand!
    Imagine when the first load of people get blown up in their wagons because they're too busy fcuking around with seatbelts and bloody ear defenders, instead of just jumping out the back like soldiers from armies not afflicted by this euro health and safety shite.

    Absolutely unbe-fcuking-lievable. :x :x
  13. He LITERALLY went mad, did he? I don't think so. I might have a lot to learn, but you almost certainly have an even bigger hill to climb. Though why the rest of arrse hasn't eviscerated you the way they did me is beyond me.
  14. I've seen them, they are black plastic seats (the kind you'd get in a football stadium) with a luggage rack overhead. Seat belts are there too. They're called TCVES or something!
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    October for me. I booked one for a TA Coy exercise! :D