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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by The_Snail, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. In my infinite wisdom, I am going over to the "Fluffy" side to liven it up for a bit.

    They are moaning (as wives do) that no-one uses the Chatroom.

    I'm not bloody surprised - it's not to the standards that we - on the "Dark Side" use.

    Is there any chance you can update it soon?

    Oh, and the whole site seems to be about 3 upgrades behind.

    Just saying like...........
  2. Dads, please, it's painful over there.

    I have promised to be nice and not swear and stuff.

    I have got a temp and headache that would kill a bloke and 50 odd wimmen to please with my witty banter at about 2100hrs in the shitty chatroom. I've told them too, and that soaked up AY.

    Do you want a trillion angry wives on your case? Or, Heaven Forbid, they come on here.

    Do you want that? Do you? Do You?
  3. I'd love to drop in and charm the laydeez with my politeness & stuff. I hope they think twice before using the same untidily coded, memory leaking flash chatroom that we have here though...
  4. I have told them there is nothing to be afraid of - because you're a big fat fanny.
  5. Well I'll give you that one. I'm bloody lovely. In fact, I'm as lovely as you!

    Actually that's a bit harsh. To me.
  6. What the hell area load of wives doing on a chatroom at this time on a Tuesday? Surely they should be on their knees scrubbing the door step or up to their elbows in hot water scrubbing the bed clothes before putting it through the mangle, or something of that ilk. Their menfolk are away working their fingers to the bone and all they can find to do is whine on RP about how difficult life is. Women today ..... pffft.
  7. Is there an "O.M.O." section on Rearparty?
  8. Are any of them worth a second look? Any long haired Asians among them?
  9. Ferrerpara has set one up.....H.O.M.O
  10. I've got dark hair and slitty eyes......cos the fat on my cheeks is pushing them up!
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  11. I bet in real life you are a twig.
  12. Jarrett C. (2011), Ouch! The Different Ways People Experience Pain, The Psychologist, vol. 24, no. 6, [online],\0611jarrett.pdf (accessed 30 August 2011)
  13. She's not a twig, but she's not fat. A couple of pints and I would.
  14. That's not really saying much though is it?
  15. A couple of pints of what though?