Rear Party

Now that most of the chosen few have deployed, isn't it about time that those left behind took full advantage of the situation. After all we can only give limited support to those who are a few thousand miles away.  So I've started a list (as you do).


Get some leave in, you know, the leave that you have not been able to take for the past 6 months.

Get some courses under your belt, especially career courses, there'll be loads of vacancies.

Go on, do that golf skills or rugby refereeing course you've always promised yourself.

Clear your in tray of the dross that's been sitting there since everyone started panicking about Telic.

Take the lads (and lasses) out and do some adventure training, again, loads of vacancies.

Stag on more than I'm used to.

Any more bright ideas?


No ideas but a hint:

Be careful how much you assist the families officer, you can be too helpful!
Beat me to it ;D
Well now you can have a botty discussion..... :)


Things not to do:::

1) Pad sh*gging
2) ....... um....

hmm... thats all ive come up with at the moment... so... we gonna talk about bums then?? Who's got the most sexiest bum on the planet??
We only want to talk about filling fillies bottoms ;D
Ask a sensible question and what do I get?  Wife sha**ing and an*l fixation.  I really should have known better.

Anyway, some of the wives that have been left behind here frighten the sh*t out of me!!!


Ask a silly question and you may get a sensible answer!!
Cant win!!  ::)
OK then............ how many pints will it take to take away the image of the wives out on the p**s the first Friday after their darling husbands have departed?


Easy... dont go to the NAAFI bar and you wont see as many pads wives.
The classy pads wife spends more money up town wanting a better time!!  :)
Why settle for cheap booze and company when you could lash out and let your hair down elsewhere and not get stared at with over exaggerated pads-wife-army-rumours!!
So... spend more money for more booze to wear those beer goggles (which will make you want to spend more money on the JD and coke!!) or take your pick on the town where the beer goggles are a bit cheaper... depending on location of course!!  ;D
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