Rear of the Year

Not sure who she is but I quite like this one.

There can be only one - Miss Middleton.
Thank fuck it's not her face that you like! Anyway, isn't she meant to be partil to other members of the fairer sex (allegedly)?
Well, she's never turned me down.....mind, I've never asked....=-\\\\
Does it say somewhere in the Ts and Cs that she has to be hetero?

I haven't seen said Ts and Cs but I bet that the "winner" must have consented in advance to various publicity shots etc. In other words must be a publicity whore.

Probably rules Pippa out, and explains at least some of the previous winners
Continuing the fine tradition of Countdown (and, no, I don't mean Richard Whitely), I nominate this young lady:

Pity she didn't spell it quite right!

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