Rear Differentials

Aimed at people like Taff 49 with experience of older cars or members with engineering mechanical skills higher than mine.... ok all of you!

I've been given a 3.89 rear diff for my Spitfire 1500 which originally came originally with a 3.63 [for free]. Mine is very very noisy after 35 years of service, and I've been meaning to change it for a couple of years now.

Whats it going to do to it [in laymans terms pretty please] and will I potentially bugger things up???:confused:
very little difference, mate, so long as it physically fits ok.

In theory, your acceleration (i.e. your 0-60 time) will increase slightly and your fuel consumption will increase slightly, but these will be such minimal changes you're unlikely to really notice them.

Changing a diff on a Spit is fairly straight-forward but remember that the spring has to come out sideways, so you will need at least five feet of working space on one side.
I also flipped my spring over when I changed it, as my car (a '79 1500) was leaning slightly to the drivers side.

hope that helps.
You're a star - many thanks

no bother mate, if get stuck, give us a shout.

I seem to recall doing a diff swap on my dads driveway in a day, it's just nuts and bolts

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