Reapplying - help/opinions wanted

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Blissy, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, I joined up in September last year and went to AFC Harrogate (junior entry) I was part of their scheme "OP Rocket" where they fill in any early leaver spaces with other people. I can blame my discharge on the idea that I "just didn't fit in" but to be truthful, I was a bit of a **** with a bad attitude. Although I know my permanent staff had it in for me. Since then I've gone from shit job and shit job and REALLY miss what I had and appreciated the opportunity I threw away. So finally to my question, I was discharged under 'not yet fit for millitary service' and told I couldn't rejoin for 18 months. Does anyone have any hard facts or hints and tips on this? I'm not asking for confirmation that I am infact "a shit ****" or don't deserve it again. But surely everyone gets a second chance?
  2. You've answered your own question: "told I couldn't rejoin for 18 months"
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  3. To be honest if you jacked out of Harrogate (it's a piece of piss!, or was 10 years ago..probably even better now) i'd leave it a while longer, because you won't be going to Harrogate again, you'll be going to a balls to the wall phase 1
  4. Your halfway there by realizing what was wrong.I don't think the staff had it in for you that's an easy option to choose.
    Listen to what they said and wait for that time to expire, use the time to improve yourself and fitness, to join again with an attitude will just get you fucked over and be a waste of time, not forgetting the other guys training with you having to put up with it too.
    Your lucky in some ways if it had happened when I joined you would have been plastered up the wall
  5. Do you still have a bad attitude?
  6. I would suggest you are still not ready to try again as you are still blaming others for your failure. Besides, with a smaller army and a shrinking economy, do you really think they will take a big risk and allow you to re-apply at all?
  7. You came to the wrong place for advice on this!
  8. Your going to be a Re-Enlister, wait till the 18 months is up, show the different person you are with extra Curriculum activities, get that big blame chip off your shoulder and hope and pray your 203 Special Enlistment paperwork lands on MCM desk on a good day.........firstly look at the amount of applicants who have passed ADSC and will still not get the chance you did and prove your worthy of a second chance but remember your in the big boys league now and up against lads who have a lot more life experience than you. As Escotia rightfully says start growing up and think before you write.