Reapplying after being medically discharged (para 9.385)


Hi first of all, apologies if this thread is in the wrong part of the forum, was just a bit confused.
So I injured myself within basic (back injury) spent many weeks in sword company (rehab) to then be recu'd November 2014. I left Pirbright with my paperwork stating I had "slight inflammation of the sacrum joints"
Then a week later I was sent more paperwork stating that they re reviewed my case and it was decided I didn't have the inflammation, I have muscular pains" (can't remember the exact wording but will find the papers later on).
I was told by the rehab team that I had very tight hamstrings, poor posture, heel strike and needed to lose some weight.
Since coming home I've been pain free since the end of November 2014, I've lost weight, changed my foot strike to midfoot, been running 3 times a week, been aqua jogging and other rehab stuff in my local swimming pool, completed a few tabs (10kg with hills and shuffles) joined a yoga class (seen a good improvement with my hamstrings) and am currently completing the insanity workout to shed some more weight and get my fitness ontop. (As recommended by rehab staff)

My discharge is in June under the 1975 para 9.385

My plan (which was also suggested by rehab staff) was to reapply the day after my discharge and try to get my start date just after my final recu date (mid November 2015).
I've been keeping a fitness diary since December 2014 showing all that I've done since being home. Will be going to my GP nearer the time to get a letter stating how I'm pain free, signed proof from the gym manager who has seen me work out, a letter from my sports massage and possibly a letter from the chiropractor to also back me up. (Not that I go to these regular, been twice while I was in pain.)

My question I going about reapplying the correct way? Will my evidence be enough? And will it take a very long time to reapply? - not sure if it's possible to really answer that one.
I'm so keen to rejoin, I got to week13 and absolutely loved it. My reports were "exemplary" (a colonel doctor told me) and I've also been keeping up with all the lessons by revising.
Apologies for the length of my thread but I felt it necessary to read all of it. Thankyou for your time also. Regards.
I have no advise as I don't have the knowledge.

but I am impressed with the positive way you have gone about this, if I was assessing you I would give you another chance.

best of luck to you, great attitude.


Thankyou, i really want my career and was so gutted when I got recu'd. I've rang rehab but some of the staff are on leave, my local careers office said that I can't reapply before November or possibly after that as a discharged is served for a reason and then I telephoned the phone number on the army website and spoke to someone and he said that if I get all of the evidence to prove I'm ok then I can reapply in June. I just want solid evidence that I can reapply and the best way to go about it as it seems my careers office don't understand what a RECU is. Tried to explain but the minute they heard discharge they said the worst case possible. Bit frustrated but oh well will keep positive and go train some more :)
Mate of mine got recu'd on an injury, you are allowed to reapply if you've actually been discharged after the recu. Might be a deferral period of some time depending on the injury


Thankyou, After speaking to a few other people who have been recu'd and the phone call to the army phone number I think I'll stick to my plan of gathering evidence to prove my back is healed and ready and then reapply online. Then the careers office will only handle my interviews etc so should be fine :)
One word: Capita.

They seem to work on the basis that the 'computer says no'.

Don't hold your breath. But, good luck!


They managed to screw up nearly every step of my previous application until I rang up twice daily and sometimes three times daily...I'm guessing I'll have to repeat that process seems that the more you annoy them the more "efficient" they are haha

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