Realtree and Mossy Oak camo for game shooting

Are they any good or should I stick with tried and tested DPM?
Barrack Room Lawyer said:
Are they any good or should I stick with tried and tested DPM?
They look pretty effective, but isn't Barbour jacket, and green wellies the desired look for driven game shooting?
Well I say game shooting but the main prey on the couple of shoots is rabbit and woody with the odd tree rat thrown in, if were lucky we get the odd hare or pheasant strays onto the shoot.
The Realtree and Mossy Oak patterns are very effective. Look through any shooting or fishing mag and you see all different patterns.

If your going to get a set then make it a good set. Did you want buttons or noisy velcro etc. Some of the cheaper sets fade after a few washes.

Have a shufty through Shooting Times and you can get everything from dog bandannas to shotguns in Realtree/Mossy/Whatever. Litts and another big dealer daarn Sarf appear to have the cheapest kit.

As far as I can see, it looks lovely while you're stationary e.g. in a hide, but as soon as you start moving you'll be spotted by woody/bunny. I stick with Olive Green/Brown mostly, DPM maybe if in a hide but if it's walked up shooting then you could be in a full Ghillie suit and flopsy would still run away from the strange walking bush thing.

Plus if woodies are flying into the pattern it doesn't matter if you've spent the GNP of Belgium on Realtree if they can spot a contrast or movement they'll sheer off - either that or it's my breath...