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really true pic

An old boot?

Ahhhhhhhh, you're going senile in your old age (Alzheimers is a terrible thing),.........

......he was probably telling you how wonderful I looked in my thigh-length leather boots, MDN! :D
No he definatley said, 'I wish BG would stop sending me pictures of her in thigh high calipers and built up shoes, she is an old boot and has a face like a train crash'
BriteGirlie said:
Baddass said:
Please don't. You're mum keeps giving me biscuits to shag her.........I'm clinically obese now.

Oh what a kind mum I have,.........

....she's always liked dogs!
That's right!......she keeps asking me to bark ! (mind you she does a lot of howling herself 8) )

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