Really Toss Units

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bigbadjimmyp, Jun 29, 2004.

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  1. I may be up for posting soon....and am looking for an "AVOID" your units and why they suck the big pink one! Please elaborate on why it is wnak, not just that it is......get it off yer collective chests!
    Kenny, get me zantak (excuse the spelling pse)

    Are we all in such gleaming examples of well balanced, well commanded, perfectly managed units?
    Or are there some toss units???
    p.s. Im not a mirror (spit) reporter!

    C'mon, wheres the venom? :twisted: :!:
  3. RLC Mobile Bath and Shower Unit....nuff said
  4. I suspect that we can see no reason to post why we think units are toss or not to somebody we do not know, and even though you say you are not a reporter for that rag the M*rror the simple truth is, we dont trust you.

    Daft, yes: stupid - naaaah
  5. Nice 1, you lived up to your signature.
    DO you suspect that you see no reason, or DO YOU see no reason? you left it a little unclear.

    1. Just who is "WE" ?
    2. Are you the appointed spokesperson for the above named collective gathered mass?
    3. No need for a number 3, cos 1 and 2 were so good! :?
  6. oooh thats made me change my mind.

    BTW, I think that "spokesperson" gives you away as a troll. Too PC for a squaddie.

    Now toddle off like a good big bad James
  7. now now kids play nicely
  8. We have pm'd, surprisingly amicably.

  9. 23C

    23C Clanker

    Every unit that I have had the honour to serve with have been great. I find posting exciting and invigorating. Just knowing that on my arrival I would be greeted by the Guard Commander holding a mega mug of coffee, followed by a big hug and a sloppy kiss from the RSM….it makes me proud to be in the ROYAL Corp of Signals….Damn proud…now, could someone hand me a hanky?
  10. Agreed.
    But it is feared that, given the " pat on the back is a recce for a dagger" mentality within the corps, or parts thereof, protagonists will be reticent to divulge details and particulars, that may or may not lead them to be identified by colleagues, possibly leading to insertion of said dagger into said back, aparrently.
    Bunch of fannies, I was at the fighting first for did seem that towards the end of my tour that the concept of the "decision" was completely foreign, as was the making of such a decision in an effective and timely manner. The end result of which, was that the "fussvolk" or lower end of the rank scale were constantly bouncing from pillar to post. and had not a clue what they were trying to achieve and why, and not a jot of entusiasm and drive as a direct consequence.
    "befehlstaktik" didnt work for Hitler, however it seems to be widely and hitherto unoficially employed within our very bretherin. and stuff
  11. BTW "befehlstaktik" is:
    The tactical concept followed by some of the more pioneering units of the German Army was the “Tactics of the Mission or Task” (“Auftragstaktik”) in contrast to the “Order-type Tactics” (“Befehlstaktik”) which was practiced by the majority.
    The difference in conception and execution between these two tactics is fundamental: the first exalts the soldier’’s intelligence and capability, the second tends to damp them down, making the soldier a passive executor of the orders of others.
    With Auftragstaktik a mission is ordered and the officer is left with the freedom to carry out the mission assigned to him, and so he feels responsible for the actions which are suggested to him by his intelligence, his enterprise and his capabilities.
    With Befehlstaktik, however, he who executes must comply with an order given him by others, with no chance for him to fall back on his own initiative and skill, either in adapting himself, or in exploiting situations as they come up. This second concept is of course easier to follow, since it is based on pure discipline, while if Auftragstaktik is to be adopted officers, NCOs and soldiers have to be trained in the military schools with continuous exercises to develop their own initiative.

    source: some clever bloke who went to school
  12. 23C

    23C Clanker

    ^^^^^^^ Wharrrr?

    Me nedz tu lern moor
  13. Auftragstaktik is also the principle now being embraced by our good selves - admittedly dolled up a bit as mission centred command or some other phrase.

    The Prussians thought this one up in the 19th century and I think first used it to spank the French during the Franco-Prussian war in the 1860s sometime.
  14. They may be bonk, but when its -5 outside and the PBI are piss wrapped and dirty. Whos warm, and clean! MB&SU thats who. nuff said!

    But as for the RLC in Hull Avington(spelling?) Thats a different story :evil:
    I was not forced through the recruiters office door and neither were you! :D