Really stupid fricking question that I should know

No 2 dress, Sgts Cannons

Do the barrels face forwards (front of person) or backwards ?

I have this weird feeling that they face forwards on both arms, but backwards on Jumpers, can anyone verify
Wellyhead, what has become of you? First its patent leather George boots, now its Sgts guns. If ever I knew someone that would instinctively know the answer to these questions it was you.

I can only surmise that you've been hanging round STABs too long.
no my friend, and less of the stab, acab

its being in the company of civvies for too long before joining up I have either simply forgotten or honestly didn't know in the first place

I need to make sure I have things right as I am known for being particular and you know I am, I have picked people up for

Parading in squares
wearing the lanyard on the wrong arm
not having cannons on 2's
wearing a lanyard on blues
WO2's wearing belts

The list goes on

Its bad enough being picked up for things that I know are correct but they do it differently, I refuse to get done on something like this

ref the patent leather boots, yes that is exposure to a certain reservist who tried to convince me they were smarter than normal boots, I just had a crisis of confidence that is all

I do have another question for later about the twat hat chin strap, I'm pretty sure the bulk (biggest bit) of the buckle goes to the left (as you wear it) as I remember being told gun (cap badge) and carriage (buckle)
Now you see you've cunningly engineered your question to make me show myself up for having forgotten simple details, having already ripped you for similar.
The way I was taught was that the rivet next to the buckle on the chinstrap looks like a cannonball, but for the life of me I can't remember if that means it should go in front of the gun, as if just fired, or behind, as in ready to be loaded.

Hangs head in shame,
Tries to blend in with crowd.
my god gents it is coming to something when arrse becomes the prefered method of gaining a dress query solution for such dare I say old and bold gunners.

1. Guns face forward
2. The Buckle is the same as the male and female of the stable belt, ie lhs with male to the rear

I hope an older and bolder ex-gunner has helped!

Thanks for clarifying the guns, I thought it was like that till I saw a JHW with the gun facing the other way and got all in a tiss

Ref the chinstrap, thanks but there is a buckle (of sorts) on both sides, the larger buckle I have placed on the left, as I seem to recall that it was the carriage and thus had to be behind the gun, this also coincides with what my large eared colleague says about the rivet being the cannonball, on this set up the ball is in front of the gun as though fired
d12gnr said:
ammo ( ball ) always behind the gun
(which means rivet behind gun)
I concur :wink:

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