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Discussion in 'RAC' started by crescent, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Guys,

    Ok, so I've grown up knowing I wanted to join RAC - got family ties going WAY back etc . Tanks is where my passion is, I love tanks, and everything about them!

    However, ever since I had my 1st interview with my Sergeant at ACIO, and then at the BARB, and then my Staff Sergeant interview too, I've been strongly advised to look to Sigs/RE/Int Corps for other roles because I'm (their words) "too good for Cavalry" - my journal notes from both Sgts also say 'potential to be an officer' and other notes like that, the Staff Sergeant has noted that he is "extremely uncomfortable" with my job choice and wants the PSO to talk me out of it.

    So, I need help from people who don't me from Adam - am I 'wasting potential' by joining RAC or should I follow my passion?

    Some of the RE/Sigs jobs that have been printed for me DO sound very interesting (Armourer/Ammo Tech etc), but it isn't tanks at the end of the day. Niether's Int Corps.

    I'm a bit lost, tanks are all I ever wanted to do, but am I going to regret not doing something else? Is Tanks really a challenging job? Do you need to use your brain a lot?

    ANY help would be greatly, greatly, appreciated.
  2. OK..

    Take your A levels , do a Degree, Join after as an officer...

    The world is your oyster..
  3. Don't pay any attention to the ACIO people they are just doing their job in trying to put good quality people in Corps' that need and who are undermanned at the moment. Stick to your 120mm rifled cannon and insist on joining the RAC regiment of your choice. Good luck with it.
  4. If RSigs/RE are under-recruited they'll try to push you that way. Do what you want to do or you'll kick yourself in a year's time.

    As for being "too good for Cavalry"? Ha!

    One of my troopers when I was a troop leader (a troop of 12) had a degree and "gentlemen rankers" are relatively commonplace. Plenty of educated troopers and plenty of extremely sharp ones without a paper education too.

    There's masses of technical stuff to deal with in relation to gunnery, mechanics, and signals and in addition you get to do proper tactics and leadership in addition.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Or officer in the RAC? or have i missed the point of your question?
  6. Sorry about the "addition" thing.

    Not paying attention. Will give myself a stern talking to.
  7. well you could always join the sigs and go to an armoured unit we have got plenty... the armoured staff vehicles are in constant need of repair and attention. granted it doesnt have a rifled cannon on top but it might be the best of both worlds. chances are you might even get to sign for your own det and call it your own after only 1 year.

    its prob more exciting in the RAC tho... especailly if/when we invade another country and the ground war starts.
  8. My advice is to fulfill your potential. If they think you are officer material, go for it. What would you rather do, listen to a half baked set of orders given by your troop leader, or give a better set of orders yourself? As for choice of arm, do you really think that your image of tanks now, will sustain you in years to come? Do you know what it´s like to sit in a closed down tank full of cordite, farts and fag smoke in 35 degrees of BATUS sunshine for up to an hour waiting to go green? Will you be so keen on tanks when you´re up to your elbows in OMD 80, prepping your waggon for an inspection when all your mates have the weekend off? When I was serving, in every squadron there was a handful of lads who were really bright and over-educated for what they were doing. For their own reasons, they had joined as troopers, but were capable of much more. Some were just not cut out to be RAC NCOs, but could have contributed far more in more technical arms. I am sure that they frequently felt frustrated by the path they had chosen. Take the advice of the ACIO and aim for the best that you are capable of.
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I agree with the ACIO - your obviously to good for the Cav, most of us are. Try the RTR :wink:
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I allowed myself to be swayed away from the RAC at Recruit Selection Centre because I was overqualified (in their opinion). I had wanted to join the army in a combat role, end of. Not prepared to sign on for more than three years, I couldn't find a trade that didn't require I at least commit to six. Eventually, with my brother having recently joined Northumbria Constabulary, I foolishly signed up for three years in RMP.

    88 pensionable days later, I walked because they wouldn't let me transfer out. At the end of the summer, I walked back into the ACIO and refused to leave until they placed me in the RAC. I eventually got my wish.

    Stick to your guns.

    Once you have ticked all the boxes of your lifelong passion, there is nothing to stop you transferring. Worked for me. When the chance to play with big toys has passed, you'll regret it.
  11. The quiestion you need to ask is why do you want to join the Cav? Is it just because your dad did? Or is there more passion involved in it? Have you actually looked at the rest of it? No need to answer these, just have a think abotu why you want to go Cav and are your dreams likely to be met by reality?

    The sigs/Reme/RE etc etc, will give you vocational stuff as well as the leadership. Do you expect to stay in for the full 22 years? What happens if you come out early, for any reason? What will you do post military life?
  12. As Elova said, try the RTR. (2nd for Chaly's) The only thing you could regret is getting out after 10 years as I did :frustrated: They're better known for doing the 'business' and shying away from all the pomp and bull that you tend to find more of in other regiments.
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Stop winding - we are all nice chaps really. Main point is to do what you want to do in the end. Unfortunatly you only get one crack at this life.
  14. You both stole my words!
  15. OK I could have put that better :roll: The point I was attemting to convey is, that some regiments within the RAC do a little more ceremonial duties than others which some might like to take into consideration when making a choice. Howzat? :D