Really, really interesting new topic.


Great, a new topic at last !!!!
Trouble is I'm having a blonde moment and can't think of anything !
we are struggling to find anything to yap about

maybe we should re-read through old threads and find somthing of interest, to disect, debate and discuss, failing that rip it to bits and have a barney


Only joking !
How about um, er, "good bits of kit ".

DMS boots and puttees. What was that all about. Combat highs - Now there was a cracking idea ! Meant training NCOs could shave a good 4 minutes off time between show parades !!!!

God I'm bored.
We would get shouted out.

We could always slag the corps RSM and remind him that his troops and NCOs hate him
Leave the new CSM alone, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have known where to go for a tom tit in the war. He's a very nice man. :D
If I knew your true identities then I would bitch slap the pair of you. This is no way to speak to your elders and betters
Qman, that is a tremendous likeness :D

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