Really helpful for training to get into AFC Harrogate.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AdrenalineJunky, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. thank you very much, I'm planning on going to Harrogate too.
  2. I'm planning on going there sep 08 maybe see you, JUst read that training programme, i think am going to start doing them asap.
  3. Hey, glad i can be of help. I'll see you all there then =]
    Well I cant say it'll be easy lol. 42 weeks of pain and suffering anyone? Heh
  4. Good Luck lads,
    im off there in about a months time (January).
    I'll Keep you posted on what its like and how nice the Corporals are.
  5. Yer i would appeciate that Leguy, good luck mate

    What was the process off getting into the college?
  6. Kids today, you don't know you're born.
  7. Hoping to go Sep 08 also, Waiting for medical confirmation to atted Selection atm.
  8. Why thank you. :l I was simply expressing what I think the college will be like, so i dont expect it to be easy, so what?

    - Joel
  9. Not meaning to insult you Joel, but read it again, and don't take it as a dis.
  10. What was the selection process like?
  11. Joel, Chocolate-frog wasn't giving you'll get used to the humour and the 'nice comments' when you're in. Harrogate is a great town and lovely area. The college has obviously changed greatly over the years but many people still have great memories. I'm guessing that C-F is one of those people :wink:

    Good luck and enjoy it.
  12. I've been at AFC now since september and it is really good. I would take the option to go to Harrogate as adult entry is A LOT harder, even though the AFC is quite difficult at times.

  13. How long do you get off at christmas?
  14. 2 weeks mate.