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Really good sauces!

Rum. A pale excuse for Pusser's Gunpowder Proof.



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this stuff is really tickling my tastebuds recently - it's more like a salsa with a hint of bbq sauce. bloody lush on a sausage sandwich.
I quite like this one, made by a Dutch firm called Remia.
The list of ingredients is decent, Barbeque flavour is not too cloying, the background reminds me of the good quality and taste of OK Sauce (in days of yore)

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Skeeters New York Steakhouse sauce (in the blue bottle) from Aldi.
I buy this three bottles at a time and it goes on most meals
For Sunday roast dinner, routine Bisto chicken gravy with smashed up sage and onion stuffing, and a little English mustard, along with a dash or two of tabasco, salt and pepper. People ask for more, unaware it's the sauce that's driving them, not the meal.
Most of the Sriracha being sold isn't that good.
A septic company called Mikee make a good Jalapeno one.
MacIlhenny's the Tabasco people's Sriracha is better than most of what's on the market.
I like MacIlhenny's Tabasco, but I made the mistake of buying their Smokey Chipotle Tabasco sauce, and it was unbelievably bad.

Anyhow, this is what my friend just got. No word yet as to what it's like, but I'll give it full points for its name.
If you're ever in the IoW, it's worth popping to the Garlic Farm Co for some of these


I miss Goodall & Backhouse's Yorkshire Relish. Haven't seen it in since I was a nipper. Seems the only place still selling it are in the RoI according to Google. Shame. It was great on a bacon butty.

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